We Now Sort Of Have A Team Fortress 2 Kart Racer

Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Pyro and Spy will all be playable characters in the PC version of Sega kart-racer Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. We didn't like the game all that much, but many readers did, so... this is good news, PC/Valve-loving folks!

The game will be out on PC at the end of the month.

This news also should please anyone who plays six-degrees-of-separation with video game characters. See, Sonic has fought all the Nintendo characters in Smash Bros. and now Sonic has raced against TF2's characters. The Heavy was in Telltale's Poker Night, which also starred the rabbit from Sam & Max and others. One step closer to Kevin Bacon!


    I have mixed feelings about this

      Have you played the game? It's the best Kart racer I've ever played.

    Every game franchise has to has to get a cart racer eventually. It's one of the inexorable laws of the industry.

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