Well, At Least Mike Tyson Will Like Dead Space 3's Launch Trailer

There are songs that work in video game trailers because they're great. There are others that work because they're ironic. This is neither. It's a hilarious disaster.


    It's funny, if it hadn't been a cover version, the actual content of the trailer wouldn't have mattered, it would have been the best trailer ever.

    By using whatever version that is though? It's now laughably bad.

    That song worked so much better for the drumming gorilla.

    *pre-order canceled*

    I've been super worried that this game will end up being a generic shooter like Fear 3 was. This trailer only adds to those worries.

    I like how the "actual gameplay footage" was actual cutscene footage.

    The story for that trailer looks great and it's kind of surprising to hear something different as a backing track......but then it gets ruined by in-game cutscenes and the protagonist jumping of a bloody cliff for the sake of an extreme close up; I hope that last part is in the game and you're prompted with a microtransaction to stop that stupid decision, even if it does start an irony cascade.

    I hope someone, somewhere, was put to death for ruining such a great song.

    Wow. Just wow.

    And Dead Space used to be one of the best franchises in gaming.

      This is not the Dead Space I remember. Admittedly, I missed number 2, but seriously, what happened? It kind of looks like Crysis 2 or Halo 4, and sadly I found them disappointing.

        hahahaha it reminded me of the Halo franchise as well for some reason XD


    tbh I think the actual game looks OK, the song just never suited. I've never played the first two games. I may have to try one day.

    This actually made me want to give dead space 2 a try and possibly buy the original .

    Go ahead flame me because I disagree.

    Still hype for this game but that trailer caused me pain.

    This trailer gave me goosebumps. Epic cover too. Weird that I watched this on another site where most of the comments were people getting hyped up for the game and saying how cool the trailer was, and I come here and everyone's ranting about it. Different community I guess. Or just a lot of sheep maybe.

    A bit like how a lot of people didn't have a problem with Mass Effect 3 until they got online and saw other people complaining. Find another band wagon to jump on.

      I actually didn't mind the trailer too much but that said I'm not really a Dead Space fan (or haven't been in a the past anyway, might try getting into the first 2 at some point) I just really didn't like the music - loved the original version.

    Hey kids lets play a game:

    Tell me what do Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 have in common?

    ok, to be honest that has to be the worst trailer I have ever seen, period. Nothing wrong with the song, but it just doesn't work in this trailer. It's so badly cringe worthy that maybe that was their purpose to become sooo freakin bad it becomes a cult classic .... seriously what the hell was that! Dead Space is now officially dead to me.

    Another good intellectual property (and horror-scifi, no less!) ruined by commercialisation and altering the presentation to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. This could have been unique and the best Dead Space game yet but instead it will be a generic POS 3rd-person-shooter probably best just ignoring. Fuck the modern industry.

    Song choice aside, the problem I have with this trailer is that the man wearing the suit that let's him survive not only prolonged periods in outer space but also multiple, continuous and simultaneous attacks from all manner of vicious alien mutant beasties is using his hand to "shield" his face from a bit of cold wind. Then he removes his helmet at the precipice of a massive cliff where the wind would be arguably worse and he's completely unfazed! Not even squinting!


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    *punches whoever made that decision unconscious*

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