Well, Killzone On The Vita Looks Pretty Great

Well, Killzone On The Vita Looks Pretty Great

You can’t ever put your complete trust in something until you’ve got your hands on it – especially when it comes to this franchise and this platform – but still. Even allowing for that, this is looking like a much better effort than other FPS games we’ve seen on the Vita thus far.

We’ll have more on Killzone: Mercenary tomorrow.


  • I guess it helps when you get the developer of the main franchise (in this case Guerilla) to do the handheld version, instead of farming it out to another, lesser developer like they did with Resistance, COD, Uncharted, etc. Although, to be fair, the Uncharted game on Vita was supposedly pretty good (haven’t played it myself).

    • Uncharted:GA was pretty good – my first platinum on Vita 🙂

      Nihilistic Software (or should I say nStigate Games) deserve every mud pie that can be thrown at them for the awful mess they made of COD:BLOPS:D and to a lesser degree Resistance:BS.

      • I didn’t like the motion control part where we have to balance Nathan Drake on platforms by tilting the Vita both sideways… waste. Liked all the other bits though – anyone liked the boat sections with Vita’s back touch pad? I thought it was cool!

  • I finished Uncharted Golden Abyss yesterday, touch screen controls ruined it for me. And look at this, Killzone has the same annoying melee controls.


    Persona 4 Golden already justified my Vita purchase. If you haven’t played it yet, import it now.

  • A launch date of Sept 17! Is this game vying to be our next Prime Minister with such a long announcememt lead.

  • All vita’s should come with a $20 psn voucher, get people into the ecosystem. Also should have some flyers in the box for escape plan and sound shapes etc. The software line up at a store level does need to be more impressive though. They should never have released COD BO2 and resistance until they were at the quality they need to be. Surely those games only did damage to the perception of the Vita. Also they should have branded psn cards instore featuring the products on the psn store……….. yeah…..stuff.

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