What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'd like to say that I'll spend the weekend battling my way through Zombi U. With school holidays in full swing, though, things will probably take a more XBLA Minecraft or NintendoLand bent, though.

If I can somehow steal the Wii U's gamepad from the kids for any decent amount of time, there's still more New Super Mario Bros U to play through, and a dying monitor yesterday means that there's now 24" of widescreen goodness attached to my PC, with Hotline Miami still to be absolutely completed. I always try to get in a bit of retro gaming in my weekends as well; while this inevitably involves at least one game of WWF No Mercy, I have a hankering for some GODS as well.

Mmm. GODS.

What are you lot planning to play through this weekend?


    Hotline Miami
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    Edit* Torchlight 2

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    I just got a new gaming PC so keen to check out Witcher 2, try to install mods and see how good I can get Skyrim to look, got a dodgy copy of Syndicate to check out, and have to finish the last ep of Walking Dead.
    Should be a good weekend if there are no power cuts due to the heatwave. :)

    I might be playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
    If I download it, that is...

    Walking Dead \o/
    Might fire up Catherine and try to finish that too, so I can get it back to its rightful owner.
    And Max Payne 1-3 are next on the list after these :)

    Really? GODS? That game frustrated me to know end when I played it on the SNES. I wish you well Alex!

    As for me, it will be more The Last Story and Pandoras Tower on Wii U, then Borderlands 2 and Skyrim on PC.

      Yeah GODS kicked my arse too.

      Then I installed it on the computer at the Christian school I attended, and when the teacher noted the polytheistic title I got in a bunch of trouble :P

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    This weekend i will be playing Far cry 3, Hitman, Halo 4 a bit of COD and maybe some Skyrim. Then i get woken up by a screaming baby. It was all a dream :-(

    World of Tanks for me, like a mechanized infantry version of Counter Strike.

    Awesomenauts and Sleeping Dogs.

    Was going to play the Binding of Isaac but now I think I need to add some time in for GODS

    I'll be driving my new car after I pick it up tomorrow! \o/

    If I find some gaming time in addition to that, I'm hoping to make a long-overdue start on The Walking Dead.

    persona 4 golden, 55 hours in and so hooked. probably squeeze in ep 4 of the walking dead

    Moving house. In the heat. Sucks to be us ;)

    After the dust has cleared - Far Cry 3. Not yet finished the first island, but I've been doing a but-load of side missions as I go, so I'm pretty tooled up. That wing suit is calling me! And maybe some AC3 if I get bored (lol). There's still a few of those amazing navel missions left to complete :)

    Star Wars The Old Republic
    Lego Lord of the Rings (Don't judge me)
    Hotline Miami

    the secret world i imagine, hooked me in again now with the influx of new players from B2P/F2P model.

    I bought a PS3 the other day... so Uncharted 3 probably.

    I finish Journey this morning.
    My goodness that game is incredible. Great art, nice story, co-op done beautifully... just all round excellent.
    Also, my thanks to the five people who joined me throughout that game... I'm sorry for the times I got lost, and that thing with the monster that lost us both our scarves.

    ahh crap it's the weekend tomorrow? I'm still on holidays, have lost track of what day it is.

    That must mean I only have 1 week left :(

      Might put a dent in the pile of shame, don't know which game though.

    Hmmm probably Persona 4: Golden, Far Cry 3, Trials Evolution and maybe Okami HD!

    Back from a holiday restricted to Vita titles (Gravity Rush and Uncharted were awesome), so I'm planning to jump back into Far Cry 3, maybe some Skyrim and/or Minecraft. And sleep, hopefully - that's been on my backlog for far too long...

    Gods! What a blast from the past that is. Shadow Of The Beast and Rick Dangerous just popped into my head... Amiga resurrection!

    Cashed in some Xmas vouchers today and got myself farcry 3.

    Wow, just wow.

    And keep on going with Persona 4. Love the game, but it's a bit overwhelming.

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