What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So many games, so little time. Although the forty-eight hours of the weekend should allow us all time to indulge our favourite digital fripperies, and maybe (just maybe) finish a few things.

I'll still be ploughing hours into my family game of Minecraft For Xbox 360 (it's cheaper than LEGO), running Shephard around in Mass Effect 3 for Wii U and continuing my never-ending affair with Borderlands 2. On the retro side, the inevitable WWF No Mercy, maybe some Zombies Ate My Neighbours, and perhaps a little Head Over Heels.

Mmm. Head Over Heels.

At least, that's my game plan; for all I know I'll end up finally finishing Skyward Sword. Yeah, my pile of shame has many, many cobwebs on it. What's on your prospective gaming menu for the weekend?


    Going to kill some stuff in Dishonoured - stealth be damned! - and maybe finish Quantum Conundrum.

      I was aiming for the clean hands achievement until I got to the pub and realised I'd inadvertantly killed a couple of people during the sunken district mission.
      Spent the following level using my crossbow bolts, lethal powers and basically going nuts on everyone.
      So very satisfying.

    Just got enough money to get Farcry3 last week, so playing Farcry3, Hotline Miami and Ill be outside skating most of the weekend ^.^

    Hoping to finish persona 3 FES (up to the last month) so I can start on Persona 4. Beside that maybe a little LoL, Don't Starve and possibly Far Cry 3

    Anarchy Reigns. Gonna be a button-mashing weekend.

      I think I'll be joining you. I only got a brief play of the single player last night which was good fun, I can't wait to see what the multiplayer is like.

    Might start Hitman: Absolution. I got it from GMG at the very beginning of the Xmas sales and have been too busy with all the great Indie games I got.

    Unfortunately my brain is stuck on 40k, so will be painting my army :(, every time i've tried to sit at my PC the last week, i get this overbearing urge to go sit on the couch and paint frustratingly small items with detail

    While watching ALL of monkey magic back to back :D

    Born from an egg on a mountain top,
    Funkiest Monkey that ever popped,
    He knew every magic trick under the sun,
    Tease the Gods and everyone can have some fun.

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    All about Trophy whoring on the Vita this weekend in Strangers Wraith and Jetpack Joyride. Perhaps some classic Tomb Raider 2 as well (on sale atm).

    I have ordered Need for Speed Most Wanted from OzGameshop for $34.99 AU... As opposed to $69 retail at JB or $69 for the digital copy on PSN. Seriously... *buries head in hands*

    You need to pick up Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, Alex. The sheer awesomeness will melt your face.

      Yes, I know, but I also have attachment to exactly what No Mercy does with its roster (excluding he-who-shall-not-be-named)

    Got one lum? left in rayman origins. After land of the dead it shouldn't be hard:p also finally got back into tales of vesperia which has been great. Maybe squeeze some valkyria chronicles in as well

    Some friends and I are still trying to beat the raid bosses in BL2 so that will be most of my gaming with a side serving of Mugen Souls and probably a run or two of Deathsmiles. I'll also probably be trying to get into my Steam list too...

      Good luck. I haven't run raid bosses in BL2 since Gearbox nerfed the Bee shield, Conference Call and Babymaker.

    working through Kingdoms of Amalur & AC3

      How are you finding Kingdoms of Amalur? I'm on my third run through of Torchlight 2 and my next destination will be Kingdoms of Amalur.

        to be honest i find it rather boring lol.

        im about 19 hours in, i feel like dropping it.

          so "working through" it was very literal then haha. I might not get it, I've heard too many negative things and Torchlight 2 is so good.

    Damn you Tropico 4. Dragged me away from GW2 and now I can't return until I control ALL papaya export to the 1st world.

    I'm going to probably dedicate most of this weekend to Civ5, since I bought a bunch of DLC including the Gods & Kings expansion on the recent Steam sale. Since I'm also going to be multiplayering it up with TAYbies, I might as well learn how to play.

    Anarchy Reigns - more people need to play! Having difficulty finding games.

    Far Cry 3. Must get everything. Then restart.

    I grabbed Spec Ops the line on sale for $7.48 on Steam yesterday (as opposed to $27 "on sale" on PSN with PS+ discount). The sandy world looks amazing on PC; I get the feeling I'm turning my back on console gaming. The plan is to clear Spec Ops this weekend before it falls into my pile of shame.

      Mine arrived a couple of days ago from Ozgameshop ($20 for physical copy with FUBAR pack) - I just managed to start it today after dragging myself away from far too much FTL

    Gonna invest some time into finishing Assassin's Creed II.

    No. I didn't forget an "I". It's taken me a few years of intermittent bursts of activity to get through this thing. I can barely remember the story. But the game's fun, though a little too repetitive for its length.

    Crusader Kings II with Game of Thrones Mod for me!

    torchlight 2 and Counter strike global offensive (dont hate me)

    I'll be going to Melbourne for the weekend so what gaming I do will be handheld. So Pokemon White, Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm and I may even start Dragon Quest IX. And all the while I'll be wishing I'd bought Virtue's Last Reward so I could be playing that. :P

    KSp, and planet side 2 maybe a spot of dayz or takistan life not to sure yet

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