What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I imagine pretty much all these posts for the rest of the year will have something to do with the crazy amount of games that are being released. It really is going to be an onslaught. There's something to be said about the quiet periods, when everyone is playing the same game. And this week was definitely all about one game.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to having the time to sit down with DmC. I've been a big fan of Dante, and I'm a little worried about what I'll see, but as long as the gameplay is intact, I think I can weather the younger, edgier imposter. I've been avoiding reviews and opinions, wanting to make my own first, and on Monday I'll put up the Community Review so we can all have a chinwag about it. Fun!

Other than that, aside from some birthday celebrations, I'll try to make a bit more progress on my Dark Souls Onebro run. And if I really find myself in a dark pit of despair, and feel like I just want to look at the clock and see 12 hours pass in the blink of an eye, I'll load up Fieldrunners 2.

How about you, Big K? What are you playing this weekend?


    And in other news, Joaby from GameArena decided I was way too productive and linked me to Kingdom Rush... Tower Defence is like crack to me.


      There is new Defense Grid DLC coming out, what did you think of that game? Probably one of the hardest tower defence games I've ever played. Pixel junk monsters is my favorite of all time though :D.

        Yeah I really like Defense Grid. One of my favourites I think. And the Portal DLC was fantastic. Needless to say I'm going to have to get Containment and descend into a cave to play all these TD games.

    We're starting to record our Beardeogame Bros Let's Play series of Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64, so I'm pretty dang excited.

    SKYRIM! (big surprise there) plus I am really getting back into Borderlands 2, I may actually finish it one of these days.
    I would like to say XCOM, but being stuck on one (insert several naughty words here) mission, I have lost some drive for this game.

    Far Cry 3, a copy of "Django Unchained" and a bag of questionable substances.

    Darksiders 2... 12 hours in, probably only about half way (including the DLC).

    Had a nasty scare, managed to brain fart and delete my save game... Luckily even though Steam cloud updated and my save games were deleted on there, system restore on my computer allowed me to restore my deleted save games from Steam cloud (which are cached locally in your Steam install folder)

      all i heard was + 1 microsoft?

      you should try 'shadow copy' it mens you dont have to try a system restore aand can pull old saved games immediatly

    Well there's a lot of games I need to spend time with from steam sales etc. but I will probably piss away my time on Civ5 and Binding of Isaac again. I really want to knock out Dishonored, so maybe I'll try and find the time to do that, depending on how much time my wife wants to spend looking for all the tonics and audio logs in Bioshock since we're sharing one xbox.

    Torchlight 2


    Borderlands 2

    There's a pretty good chance that it'll be the same as what's been taking up my time this week: DotA2 and Civ 5.

    I've got a multiplayer game of Civ going with some other people here and I'm fairly confident in my little Russians.

    Caved and bought DmC, and I'm one of the apparent few who's more excited about the new Dante than the old one. The old Dante was one of the things that bugged me about Devil May Cry. Here's hoping DmC is the goods! Early reviews seem pretty positive - the only bad I've heard is from people who disagree with the new Dante.

    Mix that up with the standard splashings of WoW and some Pokemon HG, and that's my weekend. May even get around to going to see The Hobbit.

    DayZ. Always DayZ.

    Got a new fight stick today so will be Skull Girls for me, as well as the Omega DLC for ME3.

    Gravity Rush on Vita whilst camping on Saturday night!

    DmC and I guess other games I decide to play inbetween.

    Friends and I will be playing the new BL2 DLC. Outside of that, probably Mugen Souls and a bit of XCOM, plus my futile attempts to get into my Steam pile.

    Making my way through the Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss DLC and absolutely loving it......also making some home brew beer, and maybe Walking Dead episode 4.

    But mostly Dark Souls

    I picked up a Vita for myself over the Holidays so will continue making my way through Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

    As I also finally relented to a 'Plus' membership in December. So I'm also making my way through Bulletstorm. I foresee myself being behind the 'Gamer' curve for a while as my little boy clocked 11 weeks old today.

      Welcome to the next 10 years of your gaming life, being behind the curve :) Father of two here. Also congrats on the little one. Kids are great.

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    Got convinced by a few people from kotaku to go finally play MGS2/3... so grabbed the HD collection, will be keeping me occupied i think.

    Euro Truck Simulator 2.. yup! :)

    When you think about it.. this sim is a lot like playing a current day version of an Elite-like trading game. If you were to take Elite and remove the space ships, the piracy and all that side of thing; stripped it back to its core trading game mechanics and set it in the current time, you'd end up with a game like this.. building a trucking distributions company, doing trade runs for the most profit, docking.. err.. parking at a dock with precision (remember trying to dock in Elite??) and all the management that goes into doing that.. then the ability to hire drivers, buy more trucks and so on..

    Think I will be getting my G27 out of storage for this one. :)

    Finished DMC last night, so gonna play that again this weekend and maybe some Dawn of war 2

    I will be playing either hotline Miami or finish A New Beginning which was made by daedalic I believe.

    I have the sudden urge to get into Dragon Age: Origins again.

    Hmm, just did a co-op The Walking Dead playthrough with my wife. Might give games a rest for a while, because I don't think anything could possibly entertain as much as her shouting hasty decisions at me, and then trying to take them back!

    Hoping to finish the last two levels of Splosion Man, after starting the game almost a year ago. I have come to loathe this game.

    Then more Red Dead and a few games on the Vita.

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