What Are Your Summer Gaming Goals?

Some of us are back at work already while a lucky few are still on their breaks, but this is usually the time of year we dig through our piles of shame, try out all those “watercooler” games everyone’s been talking about, and maybe revisit that guilty timesink you spent the last few summers in. Here's a place to share the journey, and perhaps together, we'll achieve more than alone?

For some of us, it’s not enough to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a game during the holidays. I like to set myself some gaming goals every break. Something I can look back on as an achievement. Since multiplayer games are my main thing, this usually takes the form of reaching the top of ladders, such as top 200 in Super Meat Boy, or top 10 in Frozen Synapse (I only reached #35, and even on my deathbed I’ll blame the ladder's lack of rating decay).

This time around, having left the end of year awards entirely up to votes from the 5 inch Floppy audience, a few games came through that weren’t very high on my radar. Hotline Miami won Best Indie, so I started with that and went through other suggestions like XCOM, Papo & Yo, and The Walking Dead.

But without a solid multiplayer game to sink my teeth into, I wanted a different kind of challenge. And a little community called the Onebros caught my eye. Taking what has become one of my favourite games ever in Dark Souls, these brave adventurers attempt to beat the entire game without levelling up. The Souls games are far more dependent on player skill than other action RPGs, so it’s very possible - but every trap must be sprung, every bonfire lit, and every boss downed as a level 1.

Do you set yourself goals when you have a nice, long stretch of uninterrupted gaming in front of you? Whether it’s finishing something in two weeks, having a go on Hard mode, or getting a special achievement? I’ll be chronicling my Onebro journey over the next two weeks in "The Chronicles of Onederboy", and if anyone does something similar, I’d love you hear about your progress too. If you've got something you've been itching to tackle, great! If you want to join me, even better!

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    My only goal is to enjoy what I'm playing.

    Unless it's Shameless Gaming Month, then my goal is to enjoy myself while beating as many games as possible.

    Also, the Dark Souls challenge seems less challenging when you consider that pyromancy does not increase your level because you're upgrading an item to upgrade your pyromancy. During Awesome Games Done Quick last week, the Dark Souls speed run took advantage of that to do some obscene damage while maintaining a comparatively low level.

    Still a challenge, just one that can be worked around.

      Yep, that's the plan! Technically, Pyro is the only class that starts at level 1, so it's the only one you can do a "real" Onebro run with. But yeah, the pyro flame not scaling with stats makes this class seem tailor-made for a Onebro. But more on all that later! ;)

    Someone had a goal to beat Super Meat Boy this year... so I stole it.

    Played it on Xbox back at launch but gave up at The Hospital's boss. Fast forward to a few days ago and I started it up again on PC. 9 hours later and I JUST finished the Light World today. Woo!

    I hear you're pretty good at it :P...

      Beating SMB was 2012's goal for me. When Steam got the "Well Done" achievement, I felt compelled to get it for all chapters. Well, I did... went and beat the main game on 360 too... and still, I have great trouble with Cotton Alley.

      Savour every level! They've said they're not going to make another one, which is the right choice I think. SMB is perfect.

        There's plenty of content anyway. I'm quite happy with just completing the main game as I've got more games I'd like to get into. But I can see myself going back to it a few years later!

    Let us know how you go on DKS lvl 1 playthrough bro. Good luck on 4 kings.

    I desperately need to finish a few key games before that HUUUUGE Q2 release glut, when I suddenly will have no time again.
    Current To-Do list:
    Dead Space 2 (before 3 comes out)
    Bioshock 2 (before Infinite)
    Spec Ops: The Line
    The Walking Dead

    I hope to finish a bunch of games but Halo 4 Multiplayer keeps drawing me back in despite the lag and lack of good connections...

    But I suspect I'll start BL2 again when my co-op friends return from vacation.

    My gaming Goals.
    Master my Juri Mind games, and Pressuring (Super Street Fighter IV)
    Find a few new teams that work for me in Street Fighter x Tekken.
    Get as many of the achievements as i can for Deadspace 3 and Bioshock infinite.
    Stare happily at my Songbird Statue.
    Max out my Siren in Borderlands 2
    Get 100% Completion on all the first three Ratchet & Clanks
    Play through the whole sly cooper Collection.
    Try out Persona 4: Arena, Blazblue, or Skull Girls.
    and lastly
    Buy, Download, and FINALLY play Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

    Well so far on my holidays I've knocked down all my games except a couple which are:

    - Witcher 2 (bought the preorder as soon as it was available haha).
    - Borderlands 2.

    Then all there is after that is uhh Skyrim which I'll play in spare time after Uni work and stuff, since I mod and muck around rather than focus on the storyline :P.

    Hopefully get it all done before Tomb Raider and CoH2.

    Xenoblade hopefully before the Q1/Q2 release rush begins. Kind of glad Ni no Kuni got pushed back a week, gives me more time.

    Get good enough at The Banner Saga to actually win a match.

    I lost all my saves a few weeks back, so my goal is to try restart everything.
    And finish Dark Souls.

      Think you'll try a new build/upgrade path?

    Play ME1, 2 and 3 back to back. I'm about to start 3


    Tales of vesperia. Got up to a dull dungeon and left it for a year. Cleared the dungeon and am now determined to beat it

    Play through the games I missed out on in 2012. That includes:

    Walking Dead
    Resident Evil 6

    I plan on buying DMC later this month but for now I am able to enjoy what I am playing until the Q2 madness

    "5 inch floppy audience" man, they must be around 8 inches erect then? Damn.....

    This might sound a bit lame to some (well, all) of you, but I'll be sinking my teeth into Football Manager 2013. I played my last one (FM'11) for over 1000 hours, so I do tend to spend a fair bit of time on it. I read a great series of blogs a few years ago by Brian Phillips on 'The Run of Play' website, about his journey from minnow to gargantuan world beater with Pro Vercelli. What made it difficult was his insistance on using 'fake' players (so the game was populated by unknown superstars which were yet to be found). I plan on starting up my own journey of footballing madness by trying to guide Poggibonsi from the depths of Serie C2/B all the way to the UCL title.

    I promise I won't update any of you on my progress. It may well put you to sleep.

    Finish AC3 with a reasonable % completion (somewhere in the 80% mark) which will mean I have completed my 8 Wii U games
    Possibly get around to finishing my Temple of Time in Minecraft
    Finish Persona 4 Golden (just started yesterday)
    Finish Ace Attorney: Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations as well as Apollo Justice (I have completed them before but it is worth doing again every now and then just for the soundtrack and quirky characters)
    Possibly buy another PS3 (due to mine dying in the ass, TURBO FAN ENGAGE) so that I can play Ni No Kuni when it comes out

    If I can get some or all of that done before Q2 where we see the likes of Monster Hunter on Wii U and so on then I will be content

    Trying to finish Red Dead Redemption before GTA V comes out
    Wanna finish a few more Single Player games including
    Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
    Deus Ex: HR
    Shadows of the Damned
    Gears of War 3
    Mass Effect 2
    Arkham City
    Just Cause 2 (who am I kidding - I won't finish that!)

    Lot's of good games coming out this year and a wanna clear the deck somewhat to make way for them.

    So far my gaming goals is to actually finish all the games i started in 2012

    -At the moment I'm playing through xcom on ironman impossible..and failing.
    -I've started saints row the third
    -halfway through Farcry 3 and borderlands 2
    -finally getting somewhere in Men Of War

    And as a bonus I plan to finish Company of Heroes before CoH2 comes out including the expansions

    Wish me luck =D

    To play less games and focus on just a few good games and instead of just jumping over to the next game, taking a break from gaming for a day or two here and there before returning to those few good games.

    I think my main thing, because there aren't many games on my radar right now, is to actually try out all the smaller/indie games I've gotten in Humble Bundles and Steam sales.

    I've actually done pretty well, I think. Many of the games are some I'll try out once then forget, some surprising disappointments, but at least I can uninstall them, send them off to my junk folder, and not worry about the dollar I spent on it because it was part of a bundle I got for five bucks or something.

    I think I'm mostly going to coast through this year. It's late enough in the console cycle that I don't really care about playing games when they're brand new. I'll get them whenever. My wife has been replaying stuff she blazed through when they were new just to get more time/achievements out of them, and it's great to see how games like Bioshock and Dead Space still hold up. I think I might take my PS3 out for one last spin since I probably won't be getting a PS4 - I still need to play Journey and Uncharted 2 & 3, plus there's another Quantic Dreams game coming out this year that I'm sure I'll enjoy since I genuinely loved Heavy Rain.

    So all in all I think my goals for summer and this year in general is to just slow down. Stop and smell the roses, as it were.

    Get maximum completion in terms of X360 achievements for Borderlands 2 and Batman: Arkham City...including DLC! Wish me good luck!

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