What Are Your Summer Gaming Goals?

Some of us are back at work already while a lucky few are still on their breaks, but this is usually the time of year we dig through our piles of shame, try out all those “watercooler” games everyone’s been talking about, and maybe revisit that guilty timesink you spent the last few summers in. Here’s a place to share the journey, and perhaps together, we’ll achieve more than alone?

For some of us, it’s not enough to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a game during the holidays. I like to set myself some gaming goals every break. Something I can look back on as an achievement. Since multiplayer games are my main thing, this usually takes the form of reaching the top of ladders, such as top 200 in Super Meat Boy, or top 10 in Frozen Synapse (I only reached #35, and even on my deathbed I’ll blame the ladder’s lack of rating decay).

This time around, having left the end of year awards entirely up to votes from the 5 inch Floppy audience, a few games came through that weren’t very high on my radar. Hotline Miami won Best Indie, so I started with that and went through other suggestions like XCOM, Papo & Yo, and The Walking Dead.

But without a solid multiplayer game to sink my teeth into, I wanted a different kind of challenge. And a little community called the Onebros caught my eye. Taking what has become one of my favourite games ever in Dark Souls, these brave adventurers attempt to beat the entire game without levelling up. The Souls games are far more dependent on player skill than other action RPGs, so it’s very possible – but every trap must be sprung, every bonfire lit, and every boss downed as a level 1.

Do you set yourself goals when you have a nice, long stretch of uninterrupted gaming in front of you? Whether it’s finishing something in two weeks, having a go on Hard mode, or getting a special achievement? I’ll be chronicling my Onebro journey over the next two weeks in “The Chronicles of Onederboy”, and if anyone does something similar, I’d love you hear about your progress too. If you’ve got something you’ve been itching to tackle, great! If you want to join me, even better!

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