What EVE Online's Players Look Like Away From The Computer

You might think, given the game's abundance of politics and griefing on an intergalactic scale, that the kind of people who play EVE Online are complete psychos. Well, you're only half right.

Ezra Morris and Ben Ritter from Motherboard went to the EVE Fanfest in Iceland last year, and while there, brought a nice camera and the intent to profile a number of the game's players, to see what motivates them and how their feelings on the game may have changed.

I love features like this. It's so easy to fall into the trap of assuming everyone who plays a certain game is alike, so it's nice to get reminders that, even in the world of tumultuous science fiction MMOs, you can never be sure who the person on the other end of a message/missile salvo is.

EVE Online, Offline: Meet the Geeks Living Inside an Interstellar Virtual War [Motherboard]


    Holy shit. You mean they are like... normal people... as if they are the same as everyone else? No. Fucking. Way.

      except for that dude on the bottom right.


        Those 2 guys either side of Nana Mouskouri in that last photo are normal... for Borderlands. :p

    I've got a soft spot for attractive red heads... UNTIL I read she's a scammer!

    Last edited 17/01/13 11:58 am

    ahhhh EVE. Forever the game I am too afraid to try (because I read the word "addicted/obsessed" every time there's an article about it)

      I'm too afraid to try because it sounds as if unless you're addicted/obsessed you'll just get griefed by those who are addicted/obsessed.

      It's the almost year long learning curve that makes me hesitate. If I spent my waking hours playing it for a year, grinding like a mofo too, I'd prolly be somewhere decent, with a nice ship and some decent $$ behind me, assuming I didn't get squashed like a bug by some megacorp beforehand. It would be a monumental undertaking like the episode 'Make Love Not Warcraft', from what I've been told by mates who play.

      Last edited 22/01/13 12:13 pm

    It's always the hot one's that'll fuck you over and steal money from you're wallet -.-

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