What's Left Of Your PlayStation 2 Collection?

With the news that Sony has officially ceased production of the PlayStation 2, the biggest and perhaps most important chapter in the history of home video gaming comes to a close.

It made me a little teary last night, so much so I sat down with my silver PS2 and played some old games. Looking through my collection was a strange experience. Not all of these were my favourite games for the console. Indeed, some were nowhere near it.

But they survived the life of the console regardless, and for that, I'm saluting each and every one of them.

What about you? What have you got left that's survived scratches, siblings, moves and trade-ins?


    I've got just about every game I ever purchased for PS2 on the shelves next to me. For the glory of the collection!

      Same here. I'm as much of a collector as I am a gamer, so I have a habit of not selling or trading any games I buy. I still have every single PS2 game I've ever bought and I'm always on the look out for any great ones I may have missed when they were first released.

    I very rarely get rid of any game I buy, so I still have almost my entire library of PS2 games - there's no way I'd sell my cardboard sleeve versions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The only ones I have gotten rid of were, I believe, two JRPGs that brought shame to my family name. Star Ocean 3 (because of the completely retarded plot twist towards the end. I just didn't want anything to do with it after that point) and Final Fantasy X-2.

    I still remember getting the console in Christmas 2003. Prince of Persia Sands of Time pack. I'm actually still trying to get my hands on a handful of games for it, but they're surprisingly hard to find.

    I still have every games i bought for it, my original (fat) ps2 unfortunatly seems to be on its last legs it struggles to play most games so its now taking its well earned retirement, now i will try and track down a couple of cheap slimlines so i can continue playing certain games.

    Still have every ps2 game I've ever owned. Most of them a fighters and JRPGs

    Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, GT3, GT4, MGS2, MGS3, Dirge of Cerberus, Auto Modelista, From Russia with Love, Transformers, FFX, FFXII. Some great memories.

    An absolute classic system.

    GT4, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Dirge of Cerberus, Haunting Ground, Fahrenheit, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, King of Fighters XI, MGS2, MGS3, all the Singstar games and finally Okami.

    Great system and too bad that the PS2 cannot render be forced to do 16:9 since it just looks horrible with it stretched... :(

    sadly the only ones i have from memory are simpson something or other family guy and a copy of Manhunt that i can pretty much do nothing with.

    Your PS2 collection is remarkably similar to mine.
    Just the favourites remain.
    Transformers YES - my Favourite game!!!
    SOTC & ICO - except I got the cardboard ICO to match my SOTC :)


    I keep 90% of them stored these days and I don't have an exact number, but somewhere more that 400 games.

    I have around 150 PS2 games ( around 40 NTSC RPG's, modded PS2 to play them), and 50 ish Gamecube games (Half Pal/NTSC but have free loader) in my collection i'm looking to sell. It will be sad to see the collection go, but if anybody in the Brisbane area is interested reply to this post. Also have the consoles, controllers, accessories etc, Hyper magazine and gamepro magazine basically all of them around 200 mags each etc.

    I was in the games industry a long time and amassed quite a collection. So if there are any serious interested parties, let me know.

    I'll check the post later today to see if any one is interested.

    I still have my Silver fat and Pink Slim PS2 consoles. Around 30 games.

    Was never a huge fan of the console to be honest. Preferred the Dreamcast, Gamecube and Xbox by a long shot.

    For me personally, the PS2 is the most overrated console in the history of gaming.

    Well I'm emulating on PCSX2 and playing Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Front Mission 4, SMT Nocturne, Fatal Frame II.

    my original fat PS2 died years ago. my sister and i replaced it with a slim one and my brother has his own. i've never gotten rid of my games however some of them seem to have gotten mixed in with my brothers collection. i recently rediscovered my copy of final fantasy X i gave up on years ago and added X-2 to my collection. i've also borrowed kingdom hearts from a friend. i should have tried it years ago.

    You guys are going to love this - I sold my PS2 last year with 12 Games for $100 - it had GTA:SA, MGS2, MGS3, Manhunt, Silent Hill 2, Timesplitters 2, Deus Ex, Virtua Fighter 4, PoPSoT, GoWI and II special editions plus controllers, memory cards... Case... And only now am I regretting it...

    I just sold most of my PS2 games that I had left , but still have FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII which I probably won't sell until S-E ports them

    I have most of my games from when I first bought the console. I rarely do trade ins unless they are truly awful games or a whimsical buy. Though I really regret trading in Makai Kingdom. I'd say I have about 30 - 40 carefully selected titles including (since they're deep in a box I'm going by memory):
    Final Fantasy X, X2, XII, Shadow Hearts trilogy, both Kingdom Hearts games, POP:Sands of Time trilogy, Devil May Cry trilogy, several Tenchu games, most of the King of Fighters series (including both Maximum Impact games and Neowave), Samurai Showdown V, Guilty Gear XX, Xenosaga 2, DOA 2, Shadow of Memories, Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, Odin Sphere, Primal, several Tomb Raider titles, Atelier Iris 2, Suikoden V, the Ratchet and Clank trilogy, Jak trilogy, Okami, Persona 4 and others.

    I also still have my PS2.

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