While You Were Sleeping

If I'm honest, your Kotaku Guest Editor is sleepy. So sleepy that it's almost tempting to use this puppy as a pillow.

But soldier on I must — this is what coffee was invented for, right?

Everyone likes to think of themselves as elite gaming ninjas, capable of tackling any in-game task. Everyone, naturally enough, is deluding themselves to one degree or another, which is where this list of the best Kotaku game tips of 2012 could come in very handy indeed. Stretching back a little further, these 8-bit renditions of Pokemon for the C64 are very cool, although it did make me wonder about cheating in C64 Pokemon games. You'd be POKE-ing Pokemon, which seems rather lewd. For those after a chuckle, this fan-made Mario/COD mashup comedy video is good fun. My only real problem with it? My kids want to see it.

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    I am drinking a can of Mother

    Because 5am wake up to get a 6:15am train that gets me to work at 8:10am is my life

    I think I left my brain in bed

    I am, so tired

    shouldn't this be 'whilst you were sleeping'?
    also that puppies cute and I'm sure everyone here would kill you if you squashed it, and finally Microsoft sucks, Sony for the win (at least until the steam box).

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