While You Were Sleeping

Of late, when I'm waking up, I'm doing the same thing every time, especially if I'm sleepy. That one thing? Raiden Legacy.

The schedule goes something like this. Alarm. Fumble around for glasses and phone. Find both. Start game, blast aliens. By the time I'm through a single credit, my mind is sharpened and I'm ready to face the day. I can't be the only one, can I? A mental health professional might tell me that I'm honing my mind in terrible ways, or disrupting sleep patterns or something, but I'd like to think that you'll all thank me when the alien fleet arrives and I'm improbably handed the keys to our only prototype laser fighter.

Raiden's not news, though, and that kept happening overnight while you were snoozing away, safe in your beds. Bioware's revealed that its promise to include same-sex couples in Star Wars: The Old Republic will take a lot more work than they originally envisioned, which has not surprisingly angered some gamers. Sega accidentally dropped a demo for what appears to be the next Panzer Dragoon game onto Japan's XBLA. If it weren't for the fact that it's a Kinect game, I'd be horribly jealous.

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    I wake up, take my anti depressant, and get ready for the day, trying to be out of the house in half an hour

    I like how you wake up better

    My routine:
    Late night, early morning.
    Up and out in ten minutes. I usually remember to get dressed.

    HEADS UP! Microsofts countdown to E3 2013 has begun http://majornelson.com/2013/01/02/countdown-to-e3-2013/

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