While You Were Sleeping

Sleep is, as Macbeth put it, the chief nourisher in life's feast. But by sleeping, you miss stuff — like why it's a bad idea to trust Scottish lords with power complexes and access to knives.

The big shiny cutting-edge things are certainly out at CES, with NVIDIA's big news overnight being its heavy push into its own gaming products. Firstly, there's the Nvidia Shield, an Android portable with big screen pretentions that reminds me a bit of those mid '80s Hanimex handheld games. Am I the only one who remembers those?

The Shield runs on Nvidia's new Tegra 4 silicon, which it's touting as the world's "fastest" gaming processor. It's not that I inherently doubt them, but when was the last time a company got up on a big stage like CES and said "Here's our product. We reckon it's the world's third best. Second, maybe, at a pinch...". Never, that's when.

But Nvidia's not done yet! It's also announced The Grid, a streaming game solution with plenty of power — but sadly, no indication of an Australian launch any time soon. Anyone got an insanely fast 'Net connection I can borrow for a couple of years?

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    Alex, busting out the Shakespeare!

    Was that a cheeky dig at Serrels?

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