While You Were Sleeping

WAKE UP! Yes, I know it's Friday, and you really don't want to. But the games world doesn't stop churning just because you want a few more minutes to drool into the pillow. There's news to impart as well as something vital that I must tell you, without delay.

That vital news? My coffee cup over there? It's empty. Just saying. A subtle hint, if you will. Well, it's vital to me. Also, I as I write this, nobody's yet guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku, so I'll give another hint; it's a game that I've linked to a video about in one of my stories over the last seven days.

Science fiction is often credited with being the inspiration behind scientific trends; robots were conceived on the page well before they were building our cars or acting as our foppish man-servants. Now it seems as though tower defence games may be taking over that role, with the news that German scientists have developed laser turrets. You know, for home defence and tree trimming purposes. I'll take three.

Ricky Williams was the cover star for EA's NFL Street way back in 2004, and now EA's being sued by the artist responsible for one of Williams' arm tatoos, because it's on the box art. I'm no lawyer, but rather like my beloved Miami Dolphins' hopes for Ricky's stable performance back then, I think he's rather wishful in his thinking.

Rockstar's released a list of movies that inspired Grand Theft Auto: Vice City during its development. No, Miami Vice isn't on the list, but then, it wasn't a movie in the '80s — and I rather suspect Rockstar would like to avoid paying any royalties if it came to that.

Speaking of open robbery, Marvel's upcoming MMO is technically free-to-play once it launches, but if you want the best possible early access, it's going to zap you for a not-so-cool $US199. Or, in other words (and something that isn't, technically speaking, news), Disney likes money.

In Short

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    I put my guess in the scribbletaku article, but is it Shadow of the Colossus?

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