While You Were Sleeping

It's one of those early-year Mondays. A January Monday. A Monday on the Monday of 2013. Good thing we've got the weekend's news wrapped up for you to make this meta-Monday a little easier for you.

Probably the most important news, as far as the galaxy is concerned is that the U.S. won't be making a Death Star. A petition to create this technological terror reached over 25,000 signatures, and according to White House policy, had to be replied to. The reply itself is legendary.

In what seems to be the most popular arcade score to beat after The King of Kong, a 21 year-old Canadian World of Warcraft player has come 2,700 points short of Hank Chien's world record.

Blizzard had once promised Starcraft players a service to change their player IDs, but after a free, once-off name change wasn't highly used, they downgraded the upcoming service on their priority list. As an apology for not communicating this with fans, everyone gets another free name change.

There's not much to report on yet, but U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has met with games industry officials to talk about the Sandy Hook shooting. Apparently the talks were productive and candid.

Along similar lines, you can watch a FOX News reporter attempt to connect the industry's lagging retail sales with the Connecticut shooting. It starts off a little aggressive, but he seems to come around at the end.

And if you didn't know, Gabe Newell happens to be a big Doctor Who fan. Spoilers ahead! He theorises about Oswin on a Nerdist podcast.

In Short

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    Wait a minute... THAT'S NOT A CUTE PUPPY!!!
    WHAT GIVES?!?!?!


    *cries self to sleep*

      Witches' don't sleep, they wait. Then comes the screaming and the yelling and the blood and the pain and the death.

      Tomorrow will require two puppies to make up for today.

    your user name is junglist, are u the guy who did Good Game Before Hex came in?

      Dunno if he's going to see this to reply, but yes.

        awesome, he was cool, Hex sucks, acts to child like in the older peoples version(non SP) make the show suck

          I disagree. I like the humour between Hex and Bajo, its what's sets their reviews apart from the rest.
          I watch old eps and find them quite boring.
          No offence meant to Junglist.

            The only boring eps are the ones without P-Nutz.

            they act to much like children, i prefer Junglist

              I can agree with you there. I much prefer the old episodes of Good Game that delved deeper into the competitive gaming and the like.

              Hex is still a great addition to the cast, but Junglist brought his own flare to the reviews, segments etc.

    With a pic like that, I was hoping Valve had resubmitted Left 4 Dead 2 to the OFLC.
    Oh well... I can dream...

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