While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey! Eggs n' Bakey. There's news afoot, Kotakuers, and Tuesdays to tackle. With any luck, you haven't hit that snooze button too many times, and have a few minutes to peruse what's happened overnight.

China has been very strict about what international games can be released within its borders, which as allowed many imitations to prosper. But that time might be over for the copycats, as Call of Duty Online and Monster Hunter take the first steps beyond the Great Firewall. Activision has teamed up with Chinese game provider Tencent to bring in Call of Duty, which also happens to be China's largest FPS gaming company. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

While Darth Vader has been played by around four people, including suited, unsuited & voice, we could have had a very different Dark Side. A Japanese actor who starred in several films that served as George Lucas' inspirations was asked to play Obi-Wan Kenobi. He turned it down, as well as the following offer to play Darth Vader, thinking Star Wars would be just for kids. Oops!

Eric Jou wants to know if you can see a ferris wheel in a photo of Beijing, which apparently has a bit of an air problem, making it Silent Hill-esque.

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    It is so good to have someone that can actually write and be engaging on Kotaku.

    ... Star Wars IS just for kids?...

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