While You Were Sleeping

Middle of the week. Hump Day. Drink that coffee, if you're a coffee person. If not, do what I do and imitate the mating call of the reclusive Watuchi tribe of South Africa when you get to your workstation. The key is, no such tribe exists - but you'll be amazed at how few people bother you afterwards, giving you time to catch up on the overnight news.

Dead Island Riptide had planned to include this bloody torso in their collector's editions. They've since apologised, but haven't actually said they won't sell it.

As two Arma 3 developers were sightseeing and scouting game locations in Greece, they were caught taking photos of a military base and detained for 128 days. They've just been released on bail.

The DmC reviews are rolling in, and it's not spoiling anything to say that some Dante fans were unhappy with the changes to their protagonist before the game was even released. But franchise creator Hideki Kamiya has thrown out a few positive thoughts about the game, and he's not one to mince words.

In Short

You’ve Never Heard Of The Guy Writing The Assassin’s Creed Movie See Yakuza 5′s Street Brawling, Taxi Driving And Drum Playing In Action

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