While You Were Sleeping

I had originally planned to go crazy and shake things up with a picture of a sleeping game character every day, but silly "laws", the so-called basis of "society" say I can't. So we're going with sleeping babies instead, in honour of the newest little member of the Kotaku family. Hush little baby, don't write a blurb...

Suda51, maker of No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned, is one of the gaming industry's most favourite quirky celebrities, and one of the few people who can write a crazy idea on a napkin and have a game made of it, without many questions asked. Details have emerged about his new game.

Four AMD employees are facing charges of industrial espionage, allegedly stealing thousands of documents before heading off to Nvidia.

There's a fan film of Castlevania that's over 2 hours long, made completely from LEGO, if you can stomach it.

And in news of people shooting themselves in the foot, someone made a game in which you can shoot the head of the NRA. Because just when publicity was worst for the NRA, someone thought we should bring the attention back to gaming.

In Short

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Sleeping baby photo from Shutterstock


    On the subject of the Serrels heir, when is he going to be presented to the Kotaku community? I want to see some Lion King style action here.

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