While You Were Sleeping

It's a special, Weekend Edition of While You Were Sleeping. Just in case you've had weekend experiences straight out of The Hangover, and are just sliding into your work chair now, martini in one hand, oversized novelty lollipop in the other. And perhaps one of those hats with the propeller on top. I'm not here to judge. I just want to read the news together. Popcorn?

Big business news over the weekend, as Megaupload held their launch party, complete with a fake FBI raid and toilet paper with Obama's face on it.

Steam has launched a service that allows users to leave their own guides, and it looks pretty good, with several categories of tips, including gear setups.

It looks like the PC version of DmC is better than your average port, running 60 frames per second at 1080p, as opposed to the 30 FPS and lower resolutions of console versions. Some might call that a must for a fast-paced action game.

The developers of Legend of Grimrock are celebrating their good fortune. In a blog post, they've revealed the game has sold 600,000 copies so far, as well as achieving a Metacritic rating of 82, and accumulating 450 mods from its healthy community.

Only days after announcing their Wildman Kickstarter project, Gas Powered Games has suffered mass layoffs. This story continues to unfold as Chris Taylor consults with fans as to what to do.

In Short

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