While You Were Sleeping

Rise and shine, you wonderful gaming enthusiasts. It's time for the latest episode of your favourite comedy: The NRA vs Every Video Gamer In The World. Today, the NRA boss himself weighs in, before tripping over a rake and burning the roast dinner. Oh, you!

The head of the NRA has responded to the game about him being shot in the head.

A RPG/strategy crossover between Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai Partners, which includes characters from Valkyria Chronicles, Darkstalker, and Street Fighter, is coming to Australia on 3DS.

You might want to be careful while searching for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on Google. Or at least turn on your child-friendly filter. Especially if you're at work!

And in hard-hitting news, a grown man is on a hunger strike until his parents let him play video games again.

In Short

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