While You Were Sleeping

Well, here it is folks. The second-last time you'll get to look at such a cute widdle baby when you wake up. C'mon, let's all say "Awwwwwwww". Genuinely huge news has to take our attention away from it though — THQ has been sold, in pieces, to multiple different companies.

The main news today is of course THQ, and you can read here exactly which development studios and IPs have gone where. Anything not sold will have its employees laid off.

In further finality, albeit less sad, the Neo Geo X will stop being produced tomorrow.

A new trailer for the very interesting Dust 514 is out, which combines on-planet combat with the epic space sagas of Eve Online.

And remember how American McGee, the id Software programmer of yesteryear, said EA had tried to "trick" people into playing Alice: Madness Returns by portraying it as a hardcore horror game? Well, he's taken that back. Turns out he loves EA and it was all his own fault. He went on to say a group of muscly men in suits most definitely didn't show up at his house, and spent some time winking in front of his computer before realising we can't see that.

In Short

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