While You Were Sleeping

A thousand hamsters on a thousand wheels have been running all night in our elaborate, Rube Goldberg news machine. We promised them that if they ran hard enough, the best of them would get a golden pellet. I'm on my way downstairs to pick out one very hard working hamster, while you guys get caught up on the overnight news.

You might have seen that Koch Media picked up the Metro and Saints Row franchises as THQ was chopped up and sold yesterday. They're the ones behind Dead Island, and they've come out and announced over Twitter that they plan to be faithful to both franchises.

Franchises that didn't get bought in the THQ sale will have their employees laid off, but Luke Plunkett asks, what happens to the Homeworld IP? If someone could possibly nab the rights on the cheap, they'd better do it, and start on a game pronto. Because I want it.

You can watch a video of Sim City's downtown areas in high-speed, and Patricia Hernandez thinks it's beautiful.

And here's another video from an alternate universe in which Instagram is integrated with Steam, allowing you to hipster-ise your screenshots immediately. And then Tweet them. And then show it to people at the thrift shop while listening to Macklemore.

In Short

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