While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. This is where we round up all of the overnight news in one bite sized post, just in case you're afraid of scrolling! (I'm terrified of scrolling.)

Oh, and hello everyone! I'm back after a month break and I've frgotten hw toooo type.

In his little blurb Luke Plunkett mentioned that if you went to school in the 80s you will most likely love the new BioShock Infinite trailer. Guess what: I went to school in the 80s, and he's right. This is cool. I love it. It's very clever.

I've been trying to lose a few kilos after Christmas and chocolate, so I've been checking those little nutrition info boxes on practically everything I eat. Pathetic, I know. Therefore I thought this thing was pretty funny: the nutrition facts of food in video games.

What else? Well the dearly departed Junglist (thanks for the great job on the site btw!) has left us with 10 free platforming games to check out. Apparently a police department accidentally tweeted a high score. Amazing. And, finally, this is a look at all the game developers that were bought out in 2012.

In Short New BioShock Infinite Trailer Is A Historian's Delight Police Department Accidentally Tweets Video Game High Score Do You Remember All The Game Developers Bought Out In 2012 Here Are Ten Free Platforming Games The Nutrition Facts Of Food In Video Games

(And no, that's not my sleeping baby at the top!)


    While you were sleeping? Like you got any sleep, baby keeping you awake, etc, LOL.

    Anyway, good to see you back!

    Welcome back Mark, I hear it is always nice to get back to work to have a bit of a rest ;)

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