While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! Want a quick catch up on your Kotakus before embarking on the journey that is today? You've come to the right place my friend! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping...

I've just come back from a month off. During that month off you might expect that I spent a fair amount of time playing games. Bizarrely, I did! But I played almost exclusively on my iPhone and my Nexus 7. Weird. It may have been that I was busy, or that it suited my situation (my wife just gave birth) but I felt like I only had time and space for that type of experience.

Which is my lengthy, self-indulgent way to introduce this post — a solid list of all the best games for your iPhone and iPad!

I think I might be a little late to this one, but this Dead Space 3 trailer is awful. God awful.

This art is fantabulous and, I agree with Luke, it's just begging for a video game adaption! This is, um, a very interesting game that was developed in Japan, and this is some seriously top notch cosplay.

In Short The Best Games For Your iPhone And iPad Well At Least Mike Tyson Will Like Dead Space 3's Launch Trailer The PS Vita Wanking Game Is A Surprise Hit Beautiful Worlds Just Waiting For A Video Game Adaptation This Woman Cosplays Policenauts Like You Won't Believe


    $10 says Ni No Kuni breaks street date today.

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