Who Needs A Screen, When You Can Play Games On A Sheet Of Water

It's a gimmick, sure, but it's a neat one: this is a sheet of water vapour that, thank to some fancy add-ons, has been turned into both a screen and a touch-screen device. Letting you get your Fruit Ninja on.

As you can see, the controls work pretty well! I mean, it's also entirely useless, especially since it costs $US10,000, but hey, it works pretty well!

Playing Fruit Ninja On The Displair At CES 2013 [Jason Gilbert, via Touch Arcade]


    I see visions of an at home version of world of colour. Worth every cent

    Someone really need to destroy that auto-stabilisation bullshit from cameras, it obviously doesn't benefit anyone

    I would get a headache so fast from all that shimmering in and out of focus. Still, living in the future!

    Last edited 17/01/13 10:00 am

    If arcades were still good, you could probably do a pretty cool game with this.

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