Why The First Truly 'New' Pokémon Game In Ages Is On 3DS, Not Wii U

A Pokémon game that looks new? Amazing. But if you're wondering why the company chose to release a 3D Pokémon adventure on a handheld and not the Wii U, there's a simple answer. Well, a simple answer that's different from "because we've only ever released main Pokémon games on a handheld".

In an interview with Game Informer, Pokémon Company International's J.C. Smith says "I can't speak to the specifics, but traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. That's why they've always prioritised a portable version of the game first. They've always liked what you can do in the real world with that."

One day, Pokémon fans, there'll be a proper game on a home console. One day.


Pokémon Company International Plays X And Y Close To The Chest [Game Informer]


    They've been saying that for years now. Fans kinda get the point.

    I'd have to agree with Smith, that game is meant to be portable. I suppose there's the huge argument about online now and trading with others everywhere is easy, but being able to trade and battle everywhere has been a staple for the series since the beginning. I can't think of any console game tournaments that involve bringing personal user data to the competition either, can you imagine having to wait for every battle to load user data up on a designated console, Stick to games like Colosseum and Battle Revolution for consoles plz.

    With the ability for the Wii U controller to have attachments, I am more than willing to bet GameFreak will be making a Wii U game with an attachment that requires Pokemon X or Y

    Man, if any console was perfexct for a home version, it's the Wii U.

    If the Wii U never gets a home version, then they'll never ever release a home version.

    I'm relieved yet not surpised that it's 3DS-only, although I imagine Nintendo would be providing major cash incentives for GameFreak to develop a Pokemon title for Wii U. It's one of the few undebateable console-selling franchises and the Wii U needs that sort of title soon.

      Im all for pokemon snap 2 personally :D, imagine using the WiiU gamepad camera to get the perfect shot.

      Editing the photo for maximum points on the gamepad itself... OMG.... brb emailing gamefreak!!!

        That's a good idea, but after seeing what the Pokemon dream radar can do on the 3DS, I'd love to see Pokemon Snap on 3DS so you can look around your own house, school, park, Zoo, etc for Pokemon. You might look silly to others but it would be fun

          A 3DS/WiiU cross compatible game like the gamecube/GBadvance/SP versions of Animal crossing would be boss for a pokemon snap type of game.

          Have you played Denpa men on the 3DS? very similiar concept, incredibly odd game, but fun for a while.

    Picture it - Pikachu yellow Wii u console bundle!

    I thought it was kinda obvious why its for 3ds not WiiU...
    Though i must admit if it had been announced for Wii U i'd be even more inclined to save up and get one than i already am.

    im just happy a game for the 3DS that i actually want will finally exist.

    I thought the 'pocket' (from poke-) was kind of a way of saying, "this game needs to be on a platform that fits in your pocket".

      That... didn't even occur to me, but you're absol-utely correct.

    It's called Pocket Monsters (Pokémon) because you put your 3DS in your pocket.

    Honestly I suspect it'd lose a lot of it's appeal on a home console. The grinding play style is great on public transport, with short battles making bite sized chunks of playtime between which players can save and turn off the device at more or less anytime.

    Home consoles make that largely irrelevant, generally home console users will play for an hour or two at a stretch, with limited distractions and full focus. In that context Pokemon would be boring after even a relatively short amount of playtime.

    Keeping it on handhelds allows it to fill it's space as a simple casual style game.

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