Why You Should Talk To Game Store Employees In Your Native Tongue

Set against the backdrop of a prank call by Earles & Jensen, this video by Jim Dirschberger and Travis Millard is great. And gives me the sudden urge to open a phone book and start calling every EB Games in the country.

Gamemasters [EightyFourFilms, via Laughing Squid]


    One of the biggest wastes of time I have ever seen. Are you a news website, or a games journalist who writes relevant stories? Maybe neither.

      I prefer the term "Gaming and Geek Culture Community Archiver", which leads to less disappointment. And sometimes sherbert.

      Man, I LOVE sherbert. And that's not street code. I mean the actual sweet/confection. Sherbert. Also, I don't hate Darryl Braithwaite either, so that's nice for me.

    Well, that was stupid.

    I don't want to hit play, can someone give me a summary?

      Guy rings game store, ends up yelling a distorted "aaaaaaaaaaah" down the phone.

      Awkward phone conversation between "Elf" and game store employee. The "native tongue" is the the Elf blasting rainbows out of his mouth (through the phone?) at the game store employee. Very random, but not that funny.

        Wow, sounds lame. Glad I didn't click play now.

    From the title, I was expecting a video of someone calling a game store and getting what they want, maybe with some culture references and jokes.

      I figured out how to order Star Trek Online in Klingon. Went down to do it, got all dressed up and everything. I went in and said "Hello" in Klingon to the guy behind the counter. He seemed confused, so I continued on with my Qo'nossically-inspired diatribe. He was all like "Huh? I don't get it".

      Then I said to him, in English "Hahaha! Don't mind me, I'm just a huge Star Trek fan. Can I get Star Trek Online, please?"

      Then he replies - in perfect Klingon - "No, you dishonourable fool - I mean that we don't sell it because it's free to play. You total idiot."

      Also, none of this actually happened.

      (Fun Fact: Klingons don't say 'Hello' - there's no word for it. Also, that's not really 'fun', so I just lied again. Sorry.)

    Luke Plunkett - Thankyoubro!

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