Wii U Virtual Console Games Won't Work With Older Save Files

You won't be able to transfer save games from your Wii's Virtual Console to your Wii U's Virtual Console, Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku.

Last week, Nintendo detailed how the Wii U's Virtual Console will work when it officially launches this spring. It will be an entirely separate entity from the Wii's Virtual Console — which you can still access on your Wii U, by going into the Wii Menu from your home screen — and it will allow you to play Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on your Wii U or GamePad. (Nintendo promises more consoles later.) The Wii U's Virtual Console also has customisable controllers and restore points.

So you might be wondering: what if I already bought a bunch of NES games on my Wii? Can those transfer over? They can! There are two ways to play those games on your Wii U:

1) Transfer your Wii's data to your Wii U, then go into the Wii Menu and play them as normal, save data and all.

2) Transfer your Wii's data to your Wii U, then pay a nominal fee ($1 for NES games, $US1.50 for SNES games) to re-buy those games on the Wii U's VC so you can play them on the GamePad and access them directly on the Wii U's normal menu.

One important part, which Nintendo didn't state last week but clarified to Kotaku today: you can't transfer your save files using option #2. If you re-buy your VC games for the Wii U's interface, you'll be starting from scratch there. Oh well!


    I thought that was pretty obvious. They said it was a completely different system.
    "I bought Mario AllStars on my SNES, but my save files from my NES versions don't carry across."

      Yeah you would think so, considering they said the old titles would be incompatible. But apparently not according to this news post..

      There is a precedent for this. You can transfer your PS1 game saves from your original playstation memory card (with an adapter) to a PS3 to a PSP to a Vita. It can be done ;) Conversely digital PS2 releases are not compatible with original PS2 game saves.

      From the ninty side the transfer from DSi to 3DS wiped game saves. The transfer from Wii to Wii U did not. So again one can’t assume with absolute certainly which way it would go prior to confirmation.

      Don't make excuses for them dammit! Cartridges are old technology. Remember, this is the digital gaming age - you expect to transfer data files.

    Its the little annoyances like this that have turned me off Nintendo in recent years.
    Which is a shame, because the Wii U seems like it would be a great console for VC, if it worked quickly and without flaw.

    Doesn't really bother me. I find that if I can translate my saves, I won't be interested in playing them any time soon, however, if I lose all my saves, I'll be wanting to 100% them all again.

      I feel about the same. If I don't want to replay the game, why am I downloading it again in the first place?

      This will however could be an issue if they offer a similar option for WiiWare games. I just want my DLC I've paid for.

      A great game is a great game no matter what the circumstance, and as a gamer, I LOVE to play GREAT GAMES!

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