Wii U's Virtual Console Has Customisable Controllers And 'Restore Points'

Wondering what the Wii U's Virtual Console looks like? We downloaded Balloon Fight, the first Wii U VC game, and dove through the menus to find that the new interface allows for customisable controllers and "restore points" — or temporary save states (like the 3DS has).

The Virtual Console, a system that lets you buy and play classic Nintendo games, officially launches soon, and there will be monthly $US0.30 releases from now through July, including, most notably, Super Metroid this May.


    If they re-released official controllers to go with the games (No Other controller can emulate a N64 Controller as good as it's original counter part) it would be awesome. we could re-live those memories as close as possible...

      I bought some dongle that connect to my wii remotes - they let me plug in nes/snes controllers.

      The N64-compatible one however works via the GCN controller port - bit of an issue with Wii U.

    $0.30US huh. . . either that's a spelling error or really cheap.

    Regardless, what's the bet they'll be $6.00AUS down here much like the cheapest available NES title on the 3DS.

    Charging Australians 2x as much is par of the course, but 20x. . .

      It is also $0.30AU here, but it's marked as a sale price (and I assume it's the same everywhere else as well). The full price is $6.50AU.


      Edit: According to the email I got from Nintendo, the sale price lasts for 30 days; the full price for SNES games will be $10.40AU; and the upgrade price for bringing over some Wii Virtual Console games is $1.30AU and $1.95 for NES and SNES games respectively.

      Last edited 24/01/13 6:34 pm

    The big question though... Is is sucky PAL conversions with squashed screen, dull colours and slow action? Or have they actually gone in and fixed it up? Because as awesome as the Wii Virtual Console was, having those botchy old PAL versions as the only option was pretty sucky, especially since homebrew emulators gave a better experience...

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