Will Dark Souls II Be Released In 2013? This Interview Suggest No

Dark Souls II — the direct sequel to the ponderous, unforgiving, impenetrably awesome Dark Souls — is currently in development. We know that. But will it be released in 2013? That's less clear. In an interview with Edge, the game's co-director Tomohiro Shibuya claims that Dark Souls II is roughly 25% complete. When you consider development on the game began back in September 2011, we can hold out little hope of the game being released in 2013.

Shibuya also discussed issues of accessibility in Dark Souls, and we suspect some may be a little disappointed with what he had to say.

"A lot of elements were very subtle in Dark Souls, and that was something that was characteristic to Dark Souls," he said. "But I personally am the sort of person who likes to be more direct instead of subtle, so I think that part of me will [result in] a difference [for] players when they pick up Dark Souls II. It will be more straightforward and more understandable."

For the full interview head here.

Dark Souls II: Shibuya on the gameworld, awkwardness and accessibility [Edge]


    I'm definitely looking forward to this game, but quotes like that make me apprehensive. The subtlety and the finesse in the way that subtlety was handled was one of the things making Souls games so special.

      At least they can't Lucas the original game. That will always be awesome.

        Oh man, now you're just tempting fate! D:

          Dark Souls: Prepare to Cry edition.
          Now with:
          - 7 hours of unskippable cutscenes explaining the world and lore of Dark Souls
          - Unskippable tutorials
          - Minimap + indicators to show you exactly where to go. No more needless use of your brain!!
          - Miss a secret item? Don't want to do a NG+? Just pick it up from our new and exciting DLC store!

            I want to upvote you but I have fears you could be a prophet. :P

              Its from software... show me a SINGLE game where they don't kick you out into the wilderness with only either a moonlight or drake sword and I will consider this joke a real threat to my sanity.

    But new consoles might possibly be out by 2014!

      That was my thought too. So are we expecting this on current or next-gen consoles???

        It's been announced for current gen but it would not surprise me if it slipped to next gen at some point.

    I'd be okay with them making the beginning a little easier to understand, taking a bit more time to explain the controls, things like parrying, and perhaps the crafting system (which you'd be completely lost in without the wiki).

    But I reeeeaaaaaally don't want them to change the narrative style.

    Glad to hear that, Dark was very rushed, would love the extra polish.

    I really think by 'straight forward' they devs mean more of a straight line kind of approach to navigating the world. for example, in dark souls the world was kinda like a spider web.

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