Win! 10 Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360 Or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

To celebrate the launch of DmC Devil May Cry, Kotaku and Capcom are giving 10 readers a console copy of the game along with a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies are up for grabs, so be sure to let us know which camp you're in. Here’s how to enter...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Speaking of which...

How To Enter

Simply tell us in the comments about your real life combos. Time and effort-saving habits or tricks you use throughout the day. Maybe your morning ritual sees you start the toaster with your left hand, fire up Spotify on your phone with your right hand, before taking three steps to the shower to avoid your housemate stealing your turn. What half-demon moves you got?
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Good luck!


    Reading Kotaku on my phone, watching my daughter, watching Peppa Pig and playing Xbox at the same time. I never realized I'm multitasking because its just so normal now.

    play Pokemon + cooking dinner + watching the news + browsing kotaku on the Ipad = headache * feeling of self satisfaction

    360 :D

    I usually awaken to the soothing sounds of Slayer's acclaimed album Reign In Blood, casually triple flip out bed and into my jeans and metal band tshirt in one fluid motion, whilst capping off some bread bullets from my two breakfast guns 'Bacon' and 'Eggs' directly into the toaster to be roasted in the fires of hell and smeared with the remains of massacred sunflowers.

    Bathing in the putrid waters of the hell spring eternal I then move onto eviscerating the cursed forces of plaque and tartar with the holy grace of my angelic toothbrush 'St Bristle Colgate' and then, using the power of evil emanating from the demon blade 'The Death Slicer' I flay cheese from the block into slivers of evil gold for my unearthly sandwich while disemboweling tomatoes, ripping lettuce limb from limb and checking my emails from the night before.

    Finally I throw my bag into the air and slow down time, so that I may juggle my nefarious supplies into its gaping maw for transport to the hideous nether realm known only as 'Work', whilst securing my demon blood splattered boots to my feet and donning my trade mark denim jacket and smoothly exiting my bar/loft/boring house to ride my gleaming train chariot into the depths of another wretched weekday.

    PS3 please ;)

    Cool, Australian competition? Melikey

    I take a morning shower while brushing my teeth. While doing this I am also simultaneously pouring a bowl of cornflakes, watching tv, using my Wii U gamepad to check Miiverse, playing a game on my ps3, using my iphone to check Kotaku and getting dressed. That's right I am getting dressed while taking a shower. Ultra Combo!!!!!!!!
    All of this is terribly difficult and dangerous but that's how I roll.
    As aforementioned I'm a Ps3 guy

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    Play either my vita or 3ds between loading screens on my consoles whilst Brownshirt on my tablet and eating or drinking and talking to who ever is around.

    Real life combos you say? This entry might be a little too real. How about a completely life-changing four months?

    The combo starts with the application for a Canadian working holiday visa to go and live with this girl I happened to get engaged to. I mashed (X) to pass the waiting period, had to waggle my Wiimote around every time I was tempted to spend money that I needed to save. When the visa was approved I completed a dancing minigame with the right stick.

    I had to complete a complex set of button presses to make it the 44 hours in transit while balancing boredom, and nervousness levels. When I landed in Canada it was 12am and minus 4 degrees, so to put my heavy coat on I had to time my button presses exactly right to backflip through the airport while slaying demons while eating a pizza, then plant a kiss on the lips of the girl of my dreams.

    Two months later my girlfried was my wife. Our wedding was pirate themed, so naturally ninjas crashed the party. But because I was in Canada, they weren't just normal Ninjas. They were lumberjack ninjas. The most terrifying kind. After flurry of button presses, arm movements and flailing in front of a Kinect sensor, the Lumberjack Ninjas were done. They scurried off to the nearest Hoser Hut to drown their sorrows. After all, they had just been trounced by an obese pirate with a magnificent beard.

    A little bit later down the track I got hit with a one-two punch combo which completely changed my life again yet again. I got a job offer back in my small home town in Australia, and I got the news that my father had lung cancer and a couple of brain tumours. Whoever was in charge of waggling the Wiimote around the cut all the cancer out didn't do a very good job, because he died a month after I landed back in Australia.

    And that's why I hate quicktime events. Depre-S-S-S-ing!

    (Xbox 360)

    Pooping and studying, it's amazing how much I get done! + occasionally I also have earbuds in listening to Kanye West - Power (or any motivational song really).

    When I come home, I have my routine mapped out for maximum efficiency in terms of location in apartment and fluidity of transition from one activity to the next: Turn lights on, open windows, take Transformer out of bag, plug in computer, turn it on, throw network plug into wall socket, whip off shoes and clothes, dress in home clothes, wash the daily ablutions and then slump into the chair at my computer to read Kotaku and other sites. It usually ranks an SS and if I'm having a good day, there's a fair amount of juggling and weapon combos.

    Brushing teeth in shower whilst reviewing Japanese and Chinese on my laminated flash cards that are stuck at eye-level against my shower wall.

    Alarm as radio so I wake up and catch up on the latest news whilst I change and get ready.

    And as for work: With two screens, one is almost always in an MMORPG waiting for dynamic events to pop up to grind currency; the other has my Excel spreadsheets which I'm constantly updating bottom-left, Kotaku/RSS feeds taking up the top-right, E-mail taking up the bottom-right and either music or a TV show playing in the top-left hand corner. Sometimes even ABC News 24 via IPTV.

    PS3 :D

    Finally, a chance to showcase my infinite combo!

    Bear in mind that most people are capable of this but it requires the right timing (best to start this on Friday mornings) and patience (there is a one week delay between when you can link the first and last hit of the combo) to create a successful infinite cycle. Curious? Read on!

    Friday Morning

    "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight..." -> *Finish work* -> "Maybe I'll just go for one drink..." -> ASAHI -> ASAHI -> Crown Lager-> ASAHI -> Jack Daniels &Coke x 4-> Tequila Shots x 2 -> B52 x 3 -> "OMG I'm so drunk, I am never drinking this much ever again!"

    Infinite Chain link (7 days later)

    "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight..."

    There you have it. It takes practice, but once mastered you can repeat this every week without fail, and save yourself the bother of ever planning what you are going to do on a Friday night. You can also start to mix in your own flavour and add or substitute alcohol links once you have this basic formula down pat. =3

    Helpful tips for those who want to master this:

    - If you're having trouble at the start, break the combo down to smaller chunks to make it easier to complete. For example, you might want to practice just ASAHI -> ASAHI -> Crown Lager -> ASAHI but chain straight into "OMG I'm so drunk, I am never drinking ever again!" if your tolerance is low.

    - If you try and loop the infinite too early, you may have the adverse affect of ending the combo at "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight...". This means you will miss out on the opportunity to inflict maximum liver damage, so make sure you space your timing accordingly

    - Occasionally there will be a residual link between the last hit of the combo. Vomit -> Hangover is a common one, but real masters often can chain the infinite without inciting either of those outcomes. If you do happen to get a residual link, fear not, there is still a good chance of pulling off the infinite if you give it ample 7 day spacing.

    - Finally for EXTREME difficulty, replace all beer and spirit links with shots only.

    Good luck to all who attempt to replicate this!

    PS3 version please!

    While shopping I sneak in a round of Hero Academy on my phone while the wife looks at clothes/food/appliances.


    This is the night-time routine which provides +3 quickness to sleep. When going to bed I turn the fan on with my right big-toe. Because it's a tricky button though you first got to knudge it with your toe and then kick it again when it rocks back towards you. TV remote is wedged inbetween my mattress to ad soothing tv sounds. Combat roll on bed to turn off pc. Xbox please

    Best combo I did was back when there weren't much matches available for Naruto: The Broken Bond on Xbox, but there was a musical queue for when the match was made.

    I swapped out one of the audio cords on my foxtel so that I could hear the matchmaking music quietly underneath the sound of TV and then change the channel whenever the game had found a challenger.

    I would also play WoW while watching TV while waiting for the match to be found.

    And sometimes I ate dinner while playing WoW while watching TV while waiting for the match to be found.

    And I even talked to my girlfriend occasionally as well.


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    As a cashier at work I listen to podcasts as I serve customers, talk to them at the same time my right eye is checking twitter on my phone that is hidden behind the counter. Usually later in the day my feet are hurting as well so I am moving my legs around to help with blood flow. Sometimes I even have an itchy butt and I can't scratch as I serve a customer so I clench my glutes to ease the itching for the ultimate CCCCCOMBO BREAKER .

    If I'm lucky to win I'd love a PS3 copy.

    I would say masturbation and commuting, but that would just be...I dunno, inappropriate?


    Uni work on the computer screen while facebook's open on my phone and I'm reading the paper on my laptop screen. Although that's not so much a combo as it is me ignoring everything else to look up gym memes or whatever.


    My Tuesday morning ritual combo is changing the wheels on my Mountain Bike to Road tyres to get to Uni, Eating peanut butter toast and watching Dragonball Z or reading a song of ice and fire. Usually prioritised before getting dressed. Xbox Would be my choice please!

    As a married man, I have developed the ability to listen to and carry on a conversation with my wife automatically while focusing all of my attention on something else, such as the TV or a game. The downside she'll sometimes exploit this by asking me things that I agree to in my sleep and have no memory of later.


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    I wake up, grab my son (who is usually waking me up) put him on the couch, throw toast on for him in one hand, check my bank account in the other, make his toast while making a coffee, down that and hit the shower. Usually to find my gf in there using the mirror C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! Then wait a minute, shower and use the mirror in the shower to brush my teeth and shower.
    And away I go..

    I have two that I use on a regular basis:

    1. I've built an attachment arm for my lawn mower that positions an aerator (think metal log with spikes on it) behind the catcher. There is also a small bag that is then attached and hung from the middle of the handle, in which you place lawn feed.

    The agitation of the lawn mower engine causes the feed to vibrate and feed through the hole in the bag at a regular, slow pace, while the aerator ensures that once the grass has been cut, the ground is aerated and therefore better receptive to the feed.

    It essentially takes care of three intensive lawn-care jobs in one go.

    On occasion, I also listed to podcasts while mowing, so I guess that makes it up to four tasks simultaneously.

    2. Similar to the above. I've built an arm that attaches to the pole section of the vacuum cleaner and grips the handle of an electric steam mop. I use a double adaptor at the position of the vacuum cord (fully retracted) and an extremely long extension cord to allow the thing to function without cords pulling everywhere.

    This allows me to both vacuum and steam mop large sections of non-carpeted floor in one go. It's saved me an extreme amount of time over the years, and means the floors get steamed more regularly that they otherwise would.

    If I were to win for either, PS3 please.

    Every morning get up, alarm song is long enough for me to get up, have a shower put toast in the toaster. (All my friends by lcd sound system). Grab toast eat it while im on my way to my dryer put clothes on while i haphazardly check news on my phone. Put my belt on through just one loop so it stays on. On the drive to work ill brush my teeth and wash my mouth out with a pump bottle i refill every night. Get into the carpark, get out, finishing putting my belt on while i walk in the door and make sure my lanyard is on.

    Annnnd now i realise my life is just getting samey every day.....

    Roll out of bed starting with my right leg, falling onto the ground on my left arm.
    Get off the floor using both arms and running to the fridge and opening it with my right hand.
    Use my left hand to pull out the closest philly cheese tub, close the fridge with my right hand.
    Once again use my right hand to open up the drawer and pull out the spoon.
    Headbutt philly tub till it opens.
    Enjoy right-handed spoon-use to eat.

    Rank: Xbox

    You want a mad combo?
    In the last minute or so I have been making my brain send a series of electric signals to my right and left forearms to lift my hands towards the keyboard, while sending signals to my ten fingers that individually bend and flex to punch various keys on a keyboard in an extremely specific order.

    At the same time my eyes are scanning the page, relaying visual information to my brain as it double-checks the arrangement of the various characters on the screen, also my lungs are keeping a constant rhythm of inhaling and exhaling air and my heart is pumping blood at a constant rate as it has done so for almost thirty years non-stop.

    And while all of these simultaneous tasks are happening I still have enough multitasking brain power to sit here and think about cats.

    (xbox360 plz)


    Hop (crawl) out of bed and boot up PC. Transfer some anime to the Vita to watch on the tran as I get dressed. Lament getting up 15 minutes before train leaves. Look for my shoes attemping to pull on socks and pat dog who, upon seeing me doing the previous two tasks at once figures I need another task. Sit down to tie laces with dog now in lap. 6 minutes left. Check twitter as locking door. This way not only is house safe(ish) from burglars and I'm up to date with the twittersphere but I'm doubley sure that I remembered both keys and phone. Last minute checks as I run to the train station. 3 minutes to train. I make sure I didn't forget Vita (with the videos. Remember? From the start) or lunch. Last second dash to make the train. Find a seat and watch anime/update facebook/tweet. Possibly nap. Get to work. Turn on PC and race it to see if it can boot up before I can make a cup of tea. Open work prog and Kotaku. Start working while catching up with yesterdays stories. Keep ear/eye out for boss. Queue up any videos to watch during lunch break. Tweet and post in TAY as necessary while maintaining work output.

    Lunch Break.

    Watch videos and eat lunch. Check emails and use work net to download things on Vita/3DS. Make sure to use bathroom break time to fullest. Take game or comic. If making phone calls, try to poop quietly (TP in loo helps eliminate splash).

    Home Time.

    Train trip home. See train trip to work. Walk home slowly (No rush now) and use time to call (don't worry about pooping now. If worried about pooping while walking, would probably have stayed home). Get home. Boot up Photoshop and work on art while watching Dragon Ball DVDs (dubbed) and reading comics. Chat with friends online while maintaining completely seperate conversation with girlfriend. Try not to get the two confused. Also, confuse neither with current Dragon Ball plot line. Play game on PS3 while simultaniously chating with friend, talking to girlfriend and watching Dragon Ball. Try not to confuse game with dragon ball, friend or girlfriend. Run bath and read comics. If showering, do NOT read comics. Dry off and get ready for bed as I make sure Vita and 3DS are charging for next day.



    PS3 please.


    First of all the “time” in house is set 15mins ahead of actual time.
    my alarm goes off at 7am, I can snooze till 7.15 and it will still be 7am! (DIRTY)

    I brush my teeth and pee at the same time to save time (CRUEL!)

    Then I head downstairs and warm a bowl of milk for oats for 3 mins and during those 3 mins I make a ham sandwich for work. (BRUTAL!)

    After having breakfast, I boil water in a kettle which takes approximately 4mins and shower and get dry in 4 mins! (ANARCHIC!)

    One hand with the hair dryer, one hand with a cup of coffee, and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S! (SAVEGE!)

    Coffee starts to kick in; gets stomach ache [am I the only one?], hold it in while changing for work (SSADISTIC!!)

    DAMN Late for work! Need to use toilet but I’m late!!!! Realizes that in “real time” I still have 15 mins to spare, runs up to use the toilet (SSSensational!!!!)

    Thanks in advance :)

    A 360 entry:

    Each morning, whilst getting myself ready for work, I also get a 4 year old and twin 18 mth olds ready, including: out of bed/ cot, toilet/ nappy changes, all dressed and milk/ fed breakfast. This usually takes an hour and I suspect would look like 'child juggling' to any onlookers (picture a baby on each arm whilst you corral a toddler doing laps of the play room).

    My killer combo atm is using my toes to hold the babies by their ankles, so they can't run away, whilst using my two free hands to spoon wheetbix into their mouths! And before you say it, high chairs are not an option because they just bloody climb out!

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