Win! 10 Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360 Or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

To celebrate the launch of DmC Devil May Cry, Kotaku and Capcom are giving 10 readers a console copy of the game along with a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies are up for grabs, so be sure to let us know which camp you're in. Here’s how to enter...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Speaking of which...

How To Enter

Simply tell us in the comments about your real life combos. Time and effort-saving habits or tricks you use throughout the day. Maybe your morning ritual sees you start the toaster with your left hand, fire up Spotify on your phone with your right hand, before taking three steps to the shower to avoid your housemate stealing your turn. What half-demon moves you got?
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Entries close at 10am next Monday 21st January Full terms and conditions

Good luck!


    *cough *cough* okay, so i wake up one morning trying to relieve myself from the morning wood *cough *cough

    I get up brush my teeth, find my gums bleeding after countless nights of not brushing.
    Took me 2 hours to wipe the remains of blood as what would have been a bloodbath if not cleansed.

    Got on my Laptop, looked up on facebook and find "Win! 10 copies of DmC Devil May Cry (xbox 360 or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

    My thoughts exactly???,r:3,s:0,i:91

    But i couldn't be bothered writing a comment in the end...... *sigh*

    Next thing i did, i started my PS3 and tried going on PSN to download DmC Demo to try it out but i facepalm myself realizing my internet was down.

    I cried my self to sleep on that day, wishing i can grab a free copy by using the force through my mind to type a comment in Kotaku.

    what a sad life.... I have knowing that one does not simply have the power to defy physics and the force to control what can be said in this comment to obtain this PRECIOUS called DmC Devil May Cry..... or can they??

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    Probably shouldn't be admitting this in a public forum but worth it for a shot at DMC ( loved the demo ). I recently purchased a 3DS Xl and have been playing a lot of mario 3d land. I also work for a large pizza chain doing deliveries. Recently I didn't want to stop playing the 3ds so while driving to a delivery I was also playing the 3ds at the same time. Can't put that mario down! :P

    Love an xbox copy please

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    Wake up, turn left and step on a fork from the night before's dinner in bed.

    When im behind the bar making a Cocktail.

    I start my deadly drink combo by telling a unsure patron I have an awsome self created drink to try!
    You start by spamming 45mils of Haymans Sloe Gin and 15mils Haymans Regular Gin into a cocktail shaker.
    Now to grab your lowball glass! chuck a small serviette over the top and dump a sugar cube on the top.
    Lather up your Sugar with some Rhubarb bitters until its soaked through and dump it into the glass.
    Slosh in 15mils of Soda Water and a Candied Cherry.
    Now for the stirring, this is where you rack up huge combo points!
    Crush the Sugar into the bottom of the glass with the Soda Water until it turns into a Syrup. ( try not to damage the Cherry to much)
    The next step lasts a finger breaking 4 minutes! Add about 4 cubes of Ice and 15mils of your Gin every minute and stir the contents of the Lowball glass until you run out of your spirits.
    ACHIVMENT UNLOCKED! you have just made a Blackthorn my take on a Gin Old fashioned.

    Hope you enjoy it if you give it a try :)

    I now cook and surf kotaku (on a laptop) at the same time as a result of my girlfriend complaining about me starting dinner late so often (because of surfing kotaku after getting home from work) when it's my turn to cook. She thinks it's so I can have a recipe in front of me. :D
    She has commented on how it now takes me a lot longer to cut veges etc. while following a recipe... I'm not going to tell her otherwise, but know I'm playing with fire (she will be quite annoyed)
    I haven't burnt anything yet ;)

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    Smoking and Drinking at the same time. Harder than it seems. PS3 fanx.

    Installs insulators whilst hanging by my balls from a harness only to fend of the hellspawn fitters from overrunning my domain, did I mention I have mmm minions at my disposal

    When I woke up, I daintily elude my girlfriend to not wake her up, kneel down and pray for my angelic part - here comes D for Deadly! Now the boss fight with the dog sleeping in front of the toilet, in the same time talking to my self about everything around in japanese to evoke all my senses and typing to schoolmate . The dog hasn't even a chance, what gives me C for Carnage! The Bathroom Arena - taking shower, brushing teeth and shaving in the same time? Too easy and not enough to take Brutal! Almost mistaken toothbrush with razor - so close, it could be a combo breaker. All of the sudden I hear that a wild roomate appears and trays to get in! With devilish speed I turned the lock - it was super effective! and gave me Brutal! To not loose perfect chained combo between dressing up and going to the kitchen I take advantage of backtracking i take another fight with the dog. He try to lick my fresh body! I dodged, next one, I do the same, then suddenly throw yesterday pants on dog's face - it couldn't resist that! Not this time, buddy, not this time... The A rank is slowly charging up. Making tea, frying eggs and rewieving material for exam i really helpful. Eating roomate sandwich whlie he's taking shower not only rises my rank but aslo gaves power for my devilish part. Got a gum, take jacket and go out right in the moment when mate is opening toiletes door, I can hear him yelling about the sandwich - that definitelly deserves an A for Atomic! Clipping ticket and taking seat in the same time, skillfully avoiding the eye contact with old ladies - near miss! The University of Despair. Scanning homework, while talking about tonights party and typing to roomate "U mad bro?" His replay always deserves D for "DIRTY" and is filled with anger - good, totalyy worth it. Avoiding two proffesors who haven't seen me on lecture for some time, I enter the hall to take exam. Repeating everything every morning turnet out as a really good idea - the test was a piece of cake. TU TU RU TU - S has appeared, message for girlfriend that she's going shoping for some hot underwear for this evenig and make me a private show after party - SS! and the P.S. "Jake (my roomate) is going to his brother for night - Smoking Sick Style! And the day isn't over yet....
    XBOX please

    Does peeing in the shower count as a time-saving combo?


    Gruelingly fending off threats to my evening freedom. Parrying conversations here, focus dashing through chores there. No hard feelings everyone but I've been working all day and i wanna get back to Fez!

    Finally it's 11PM and i sit down to boot up the Xbox. Minutes later Gomez is stoked to be back in action, he tears off into the sky in a earth shattering shoryuken, i must have inspired him. The game crashes, i guess shoryukens weren't heavily tested in QA. So i sit there wondering to myself should i reboot or just go to bed, i gotta get up at 6am......

    Crawling into bed it's pretty clear... in the game of life, i just lost.

    DMC for Xbox 360 please

    Watching The Walking Dead, while playing The Walking Dead using Picture in Picture

    (PS3 Please?)

    Kettle on, feed cat on way to bathroom, unload dishwasher, use cups previously in dishwasher to put hot water into, grab milk on way to table, and eat breakfast. Either.

    Alternatively, putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea, unloading the dishwasher (again), ironing, folding and putting away clothes whilst waiting for one of my aunts to give me a chance to talk on the telephone.

    I can chat up a girl whilst holding two beers and dancing to the beats of techno!

    PS3 please.

    When having my shower I also brush my teeth and shave as well as get my partner to pass our little one to me so I can give him his shower too

    I water my lawn and flowers while the kids run around under the house with soap in hand. Kids bathed plants watered all done. Yay.

    The best combo's are those that at first glance just dont seem quite right :)

    Dinner with Dessert (eg: Fish Cakes and Creme Brulee)...
    Umm...naughty adult stuff & paintball....yup ouch!...
    Kayaking & a Polka-Dot Onesie Pyjama thingy I have....
    PS3 (my choice) & my frail old Grandma (she plays dirty!)!

    I play my vita while I get ready in the morning.

    Brush my teeth and stalk my friends on Facebook simultaneously.

    Just give it to Greenius. I can't compete

    I am able to drive AND keep my eyes open. If I coordinate at the right time I can indicate and sometimes even create a combo where I have my eyes open, turn on the radio AND speak!

    I combine all 3 meals of the day into one, a dinner sandwich with coffee.


    Saving time loading the Kotaku website by making it my homepage at work.

    Opening all of my bookmarks at once. Saves me about 30 seconds or more of loading time!
    Xbox for me :)

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