Win! 10 Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360 Or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

To celebrate the launch of DmC Devil May Cry, Kotaku and Capcom are giving 10 readers a console copy of the game along with a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies are up for grabs, so be sure to let us know which camp you're in. Here’s how to enter...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Speaking of which...

How To Enter

Simply tell us in the comments about your real life combos. Time and effort-saving habits or tricks you use throughout the day. Maybe your morning ritual sees you start the toaster with your left hand, fire up Spotify on your phone with your right hand, before taking three steps to the shower to avoid your housemate stealing your turn. What half-demon moves you got?
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Good luck!


    Ummm... drinking a beer whilst cooking dinner and listening to a podcast (the indoor kids on a Monday... ) on my ipod is about as multi-tasking as I get. It's a pretty awesome combo though. If this response is deemed as good, I own an xbox.

    get out of shower
    put on toast/coffee
    get dressed
    spread toast/mix coffee
    out the door.

    eitherway, im usually running 15 mins late as it is.

    Casting a Lightning bolt with my left hand, swinging a sword with my right, while shouting at the top of my lungs!
    What? SKYRIM! is real life... isn't it?

    Wake up at 6:45
    Girlfriend has made breakfast, ironed work clothes and started cleaning. I shower then get changed. By 7am, I'm ready for work, having eaten, showered, shaved and cleaned the house.

    Multitasking is training an awesome girlfriend.

    At work i have a "boss key" that hides all windows at the press of a button. So i can browse Kotaku without the fear of being busted.

    Peeing while tweeting? Pweeting? other than that, shower/facebook/shave head all at the same time, So far haven't dropped my phone.
    PS3 ;)

    Whack! Stumble into the kitchen, left foot first, then a bound with my right. Pow! The freezer is opened with great power and bread is yanked out. Thwap! Down goes four slices whilst I juggle with the coffee maker - open, rinse, replace, open, fill, back-to-the-fridge, coffee out, open, out, fill, close. The machine is turned on, pouring out coffee for extra bonus points and health restoration.
    The bread is buttered and slathered with Vegemite - knife out, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Bread Atop.
    At this point I tend to trip over the cat, c-c-c-combo breaker.
    Lunch made, breakfast caffeine produced, time saved for restorative shower! You're Winner!

    The day before I work out, I take a frozen bolognese tupperware out of the freezer and put it in the fridge.
    Before I work out, I have a coffee, 2 bananas and an apple.
    I play a bit of battlefield 3.
    Work out.
    As soon as I enter the house, I boil a jug of water.
    Whilst it's boiling, I eat something sweet.
    Now the water's boiled, I put it in a saucepan and add spaghetti.
    Whilst the pasta's boiling, I masturbate and then shower.
    Once my shower's finished, the pasta is almost ready. So I put the bolognese in a pan and heat it up. Whilst I'm doing that, I put a dvd in my PS3.
    They're both ready at the same time. Combine and add parmesan cheese.
    It's too hot to eat, so I do the washing up. Once that's done, the spaghetti's at an eatable temperature, and my movie is ready to go.
    I eat my spaghetti in front of the tv. All I know have to do is wash the bowl and fork.

    And that's how I work out, my friends. All in all, take about 90mins from making the coffee. And i save at least 30mins by doing everything in order.

    Thanks for reading!

    Wake up and be everyone's hero.

    Saves me wicked amounts of time.

    Running late and need breakfast? Open milk bottle and cereal box at the same time with separate hands. Slowly pour cereal into mouth (as to not choke on tiny bits of sugary ridiculousness), then add milk to your makeshift mouth-bowl. Chew, Swallow, repeat. SECONDS SAVED!

    Combo Rank: Young 'n' Professional

    EDIT: either PS3 or Xbox please :D

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    Cool, Australian competition? Melikey

    I take a morning shower while brushing my teeth. While doing this I am also simultaneously pouring a bowl of cornflakes, watching tv, using my Wii U gamepad to check Miiverse, playing a game on my ps3, using my iphone to check Kotaku and getting dressed. That's right I am getting dressed while taking a shower. Ultra Combo!!!!!!!! Triple S!
    All of this is terribly difficult and dangerous but that's how I roll.
    As aforementioned I'm a Ps3 guy

    Watching something I'm not intrested in, tickling my wife with a pencil, while reading my kindle.
    PS3 :D

    Watching the Australian Open, at the same time playing Virtua Tennis on PS3 (using picture in picture feature on my Sony Bravia), while talking to some mates in an xbox live party on an idle Xbox 360. While making my little brother busy by giving him the Wii U Gamepad to play some mario.

    Ends when mum needs the tv to watch her shows.


    360 please! :)

    My bathtime is quite easily an SSS rank combo.

    Get in bath. Put shampoo in hair. Read Edge or Games TM. Rinse hair, put in conditioner. Continue reading.
    Wash face, floss and brush teeth. Shave, finish reading magazine. Rinse hair. Get out of bath.

    Personal hygiene super combo? Mmm hmm! All-in-one event.

    If anyone develops a waterproof iPad, I'll donate prospective winnings.

    Xbox 360 :)

    Reading Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker (in this order) on the work computer feeling a sense of achievement every morning since I was the one who convinced our IT department to unblock these sites as they are needed for research purposes.


    I start the morning sleeping while awake - a catlike state of readiness that incomparably relaxing. My alarm goes off. Quickly, one hands reaches for the alarm while the other pushes me clear off the bed.
    I go to my chest of draws and select an outfit, all the while scratching myself and yawning loudly. My fiance tells me to keep it down, i tell her to go back to sleep in a way that's simultaneously loving and brutal.
    I get in the shower and clean myself, all the while relieving my bladder which also cures the morning glory that has ailed me since my awakening.
    I step out of the shower and reach for the towel, drying myself off while whistling.
    I go with my clothes into the kitchen and start to prepare breakfast as i clothe my bare Adonis form.
    I drink my coffee while eating my toast. It's delicious. And disgusting.
    I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth while i look at my self in the mirror, checking for imperfections. I find plenty, but ignore them anyway less i shatter the false sense of superiority that hangs around me.
    I walk to the door, grabbing my keys as i walk. As i get to my car, i press the buzzer to unlock the door as i'm reaching for it, open the door and swing myself in as i bring the door back into its nestle. One seamless movement.
    I drive for 45 minutes, headbanging to music and headchecking to lane changes.
    I get to work and open up, turning on my computer as i turn off the alarm before unlocking the rest of the doors.
    I look at lolcatcats for 8 hours.
    I leave work, get home. Kiss my fiance while i ask her whats for dinner. She tells me it's my turn to cook.
    I smile politely while i curse her name in the back of my mind - bloody crumbed chicken.
    I am a swirling maelstrom of productivity. Burners are turned on as cutlery and crockery are brought to bare, vegatables are chopped and chook is cooked.
    I serve dinner and we eat while watching tv - it's the block. I silently curse channel nines name while i chuckle at their impudence.
    It's getting late, we go to bed and have magical special cuddle time... while i read a book... while surfing the net... while thinking of how pretty that Mark Serrels looks in a skirt. I don't even care if he calls it a kilt. It's a skirt. It's as intimate a moment as it is a detatched one.
    I eventually go to sleep while scratching myself to begin again tomorrow.

    Either console is fine :)

    Here we go step by step:
    1. The "Using the blender to make a "protein shake" out of leftovers for breakfast" COMBO allows me to clear my fridge of unwanted food, while adding some variety to one of the day's most boring meals.
    2. The "Blending of soap and water after use" COMBO then allows me to "wash" the blender with minimal effort (and scrubbing).
    3. The "Pouring of blended soapy water on the dishes I promised to do the night before" COMBO allows me to "wash" last night's dishes with ease and keep the girlfriend happy.

    And all this is done BEFORE 7AM! *pauses for applause*

    PS3 Pwease :)

    2 laptop running, one for kotaku, the other for work while it's running SQL query and I check my email at the same time, and I eat my lunch too. while my iphone is kicking someone's butt in Clash of the Clans oh yeah...


    This is from a while back actually, back then Thursday nights for me was one of my weekly 8 man raid nights on SWTOR, in which I've ritually attended without fail, just on one occasion my wife was called into work leaving me to watch our 6 month old baby. So I was left with baby duty but I really didn't want to let my friends down in our raid progression and for them to have to go search for a replacement so I decided to attempt caring for the baby and play Star wars at the same time (yes it may seem that my priorities are out of whack).
    So as the epitome of a father I proceeded as followed: Siting cross legged on bed, left hand placed on the 1 2 3 4 keys of my alienware laptop in front of me, right hand on my mouse and baby positioned securely in the cross of my legs with a bottle in her mouth held in place with the left side of my face (as headset microphone occupied the right). All was great till we hit the enrage timer of the boss and of course the enrage timer of the baby happens to conveniently go off as well forcing me to cradle with my arms the crying little girl with legs a' flailing, and mashing the general left area of the key board with my toes. All in all we managed to get the boss down however as I sat the baby back into my lap she rolls off and smacks her face on the edge of the keyboard. So at that point I explain to my guild mates on team speak I'd be right back and not to worry about the screaming in the background, because I only dropped the baby, it was alll good and from that day on I was known hence forth by the title bestowed onto me by my guildies as Father of the Year.


    1. Pleasuring YOUR girl while...
    2. Thinking of ANOTHER girl and...
    3. Trying NOT to say the other girl's name while...
    4. Refraining from waking the neighbours and finally...
    4. Aiming to beat your last PB for time.

    An epic combo every guy has to master in his lifetime.

    PS3 FTW

    The best I've managed to do is save the world from three or so forms of apocalyptic powers whilst I sleep and simultaneously eat a pie and play games on my laptop, xbox 360, phone and NDS. However when I woke up I was only doing the gaming combo - No super-world-savey stuff.


    I play my 3DS and brows Kotaku whist waiting for people to answer their phones at work.
    I spend a lot of time waiting for people to answer their phones.

    Usually I'll head into the kitchen of a morning, Dragon Punch the light switch and throw a Hadouken at the light switch. Then I'll Hurricane Kick my way over to the pantry and QCF + Corn Flakes.


    Eat breakfast and check emails
    Drink coffee and check facebook

    Serving customers while pretending to care :)

    Xbox 360.

    Last edited 19/01/13 10:23 am

    I browse askreddit on my phone when i'm on the john, it both makes time and poop fly at an equal rate. (xbox)

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