WIN! Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Ultimate Fan Pack, Plus 10x Blu-Ray Or DVDs!

Paragon Lost tells a story about Vega and his squad of special forces as they fight against the Collectors. The feature-length anime hails from FUNimation and Production I.G., the studio behind anime ranging from Ghost in the Shell to Kill Bill’s animation sequence. To celebrate yesterday's Australian release, we have a $270 Mass Effect schwag pack up for grabs... plus 10 copies of the anime on either Blu-ray or DVD. Here’s how you can win...Comp ends this morning!

How To Enter

Simply watch the trailer above and come up with an argument for a different animated character who should be in either this or another Mass Effect anime. Tell us why in the comments. Most creative entries, as judged by the Kotaku team, take home some great prizes...

Competition closes 10am Friday 18th January. Open to Australian residents over 15 years. Full terms and conditions.

1x Main Prize Pack

• Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on DVD or Blu-ray (valued at $29.99 DVD/$34.99 BR) • Commander Shepard Play Arts Kai Action Figure ($89.99) • Mass Effect - The Art Of Mass Effect Universe Hard Cover Book ($49.99) • Mass Effect - SSV Normandy SR2 Ship Replica ($39.99) • Mass Effect – Paragon Patch ($5.99) • Mass Effect 3 for PC from EA ($29) • Mass Effect - Book 1# Revelation (Paperback) ($19.99)

10x Runners-Up Prizes

• 10x runners up will receive a copy of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on their choice of Blu-ray or DVD.

Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his soldiers must protect the civilians from a ruthless invasion determined to capture the population for unknown purposes. Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with an unprecedented glimpse into the haunted past of Mass Effect’s newest hero! Rated MA15+ for strong violence


    The reporter! so she can be punched out! the movie is called Paragon LOST after all ;)

    blu-ray please :D

    *Monotone* Resigned sadness: any Elcor due to their underrated and diminshed role in the trilogy.

    A Volus commando, because no one expects a Volus doing non mercantile things. Maybe he could audit the collectors...

      There are actually Volus Mercenary,Engineer and Adept characters in multiplayer which supposedly fit into ME lore.

    Tali : Emergency Induction Port Lost

    Follow the adventures of Tali vas Normandy as she searches the Mass Effect universe for her lost Emergency Induction Port.Learn the hidden truths of the 'Batarian Faux Straw Manufacturing Corp' and the Renegade Hanar EIP thief "Thisone HasaStraw".

    Kasumi Goto should get a animated movie on her and Keijis past. I have a thing for Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania!

    It would be great to see a Shepard origin story. What happened prior to Mass Effect. The problem would be the variations of a canon Shep out there- bro, fem, sole survivor, hero for instance.

    So I propose an Animatrix style combination of several stories, told in different styles, about variations of the canon character. One female lone survivor, a male hero, paragon, renegade. But, the stories all fit together telling the same overriding arc (ie Shep ending up with Anderson on the Normandy. ) just a thought anyway!

      Hackett: He saw his whole unit die on Akuze. He could have some serious emotional scars.
      Udina: Is that the kind of person we want starring in an anime?
      Anderson: That's the only kind of person who can star in an anime.
      Udina: I'll make the call.

    The disgruntled store owner of the shop that wasn't Commander Shepard's favorite on the citadel on a mission to redeem himself after suffering such negative feedback.

    His ENT to explain why Vega constantly hears that stupid hum.

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    Harbinger should get an animated movie because despite being one of the main antagonists in ME2 he gets demoted to a cut scene where he fights some of the allied forces. Give the machine the screen time he deserves!

    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, because even at a young age, Tali is a mechanics genius and extremely loyal to Commander Shepard and his squad.

    The Mad Prophet - It would be a semi-documentary about his mission to bring enlightment to the masses whilst trying to recruit soldiers for the Word.

    Wally from Where's Wally? (the series).

    You don't get more Special Forces than a guy with a walking stick who's able to disappear into crowds at random. Could be a great exposition of this ability and his super-cane.


    Krillin. Most of his powers would fit in well with the biotics we've seen so far, and he's not so overpowered that he'd be godly against cannon figures. It'd also give him a chance to shine a bit more, not surrounded by people capable of destroying entire solar systems with a few finger waves (after seventeen episodes of screaming).

    Refund Guy - he wants his money back, and *nobody* is going to dismiss his claim.

    In an age when standards of service are slipping all over the galaxy, one brave soul dared to stand up and say: no more! No longer would he bow to byzantine return policies, retailer obfuscation or demands for proof of purchase. A champion of the slighted customer was needed, and Refund Guy answered the call.

    His epic quest to get a refund spanned all three games, a procession of unhelpful salespeople, the Reaper invasion and an attempted coup on the Citadel. If any story deserves adaptation to an anime, it's the tale of this heroic human's three-year journey to return his toaster. Be thrilled by his initial purchase, dismayed by his realisation that it didn't work, and uplifted by his determination to see the refund through! Watch as Refund Guy suffers from self-doubt and emotional turmoil - should he keep trying or surrender to injustice? - and cheer at his inevitable triumph over the greedy retail stores.

    While Vega battled the Collectors and Shepard fought for the future of all organic life, Refund Guy made sure that the citizens of the galaxy could purchase things without fear. For that, his tale is an example to us all.

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      As much as I want to win this competition, I have to say that the competition is already over.
      *clap clap*

    An anime set post ME3 featuring Khalisah al-Jilani conducting interviews with the the heroes and other prominent characters of the galaxy, including Shepard's crew and members of the Council. The movie would be somewhat interactive and have multiple versions of the same interview. At the start, the viewer would be able to make several choices on what Shepard did during the three games, who they romanced, who they saved etc. If possible they could even make it so a person can port over their ME3 saves and the movie automatically detects the decisions made. Depending on your choices, the interviews would play out different. For example, if you romanced Liara that romance would be brought up during the interview with her, if on the other hand you romanced someone else Liara's interview would not feature a mention of romance but the person you did romance would feature mention of the romance, or if you saved Wrex in the first game it may feature an interview with him but if you didn't it might feature an interview with Wreav and so on.

    From a tech standpoint on how all this would work out, each interview would be its own separate movie, and once you've made all Shepard's choices or ported over the save or whatever it would choose which of those movies to show you and then show them back to back as one continuous movie. Each movie would start with a black screen and the title of who was being interviewed and end with a fade to black, that way it won't feel jarring when the next movie in the sequence starts. You would also of course be able to watch all versions of the individual movies through the options menu.

    Kasumi Goto! One, she is, to me, one of the best characters, who actually has an emotional backstory that would make for a good movie. Two: she can cloak, meaning the animators have to do less work! :D
    And as a special feature on the disk, the full 14-hour elcor rendition of hamlet!

    Blasto: The good, the bad and the hanar.

    Lets face it, at the end of the day the mass effect series was really about one hanar and his campaign for justice. Any body who believes other wise can go read the latest copy of Fornax.

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    LOTS of Solarians. They always seem like they are on speed and are always hilarious and yet cool looking

    The Asari and the human woman hanging around the Citadel during #3. I would make trips back there during the game solely so I could get updates on their story. Seriously the most underrated part of the game; and kinda heartbreaking too.

    I think an animated version of me as a green Asari mercenary should be written in to this anime. I've always thought it would be kind of fantastic (albeit dangerous :P ) to live in the Mass Effect 3 Universe.

    Edited to add: of course, I'd be the heroine and Vega would be reduced to taking orders from me. Because bald space marines saving the day is boring. :P

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      How would you like an awesome Geth as a sidekick as well? A little something that evolved after the events from Project Overlord :)

    I want an anime series about Garrus Vakarian's story between ME1 and ME2. From when he's in spectre training, unsatisfied, and leaves for Omega, all through him building up his special team for vigilante justice on the asteroid. It could go into his team's personalities and backstories, including the partnership that forms between Garrus and Lantar Sidonis, who we meet in ME2.

    Each episode could be about a special operation the team takes on, and about the underworld politics that go on in Omega, with overarching plots with the mercenary bands involved, and even the Shadow Broker. Aria T'Loak would turn up sometimes working with and against the team as she pulls strings on the station, with appropriate cameos from Liara or Zaeed.

    The series end could be the build up and eventual betrayal of Sidonis, with Garrus just surviving, giving us a story with more impact that explores Omega and Garrus is further depth, while tying in with the games perfectly.

    Well, I dream of it.

    Avina! Make it like Ghost in the Shell meets Cortana v's the Gravemind. That Avina would be an actual AI that the Asair placed their to snoop on all the other races. That Avina would go head to head with either Harbinger or the allusive man. I'd pay to see that!

    Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, because a Jazz-Kung-Fu-Western fusion tour of the Mass Effect universe is a proposition beyond anything words can adequately convey.

    Mass Effect: Flash Pan Hunter (from the Tom Waits song).

    Legion: the seemingly sentient Geth entity
    It would be quite unique and refreshing to see a new animated tale detailing the journey Legion takes between the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2. Focusing on an "inorganic" character in the series would be quite enlightening in terms of seeing the experiences of someone who stands on the other side of the old "organics vs inorganics" debate instigated by the Reapers several times during the games. Besides developing an intriguing character who poses very philosophical topics concerning machines, a Legion anime film or even short mini-series could potentially explore more of the dynamic between the Geth and the Quarians. This ultimately would allow more discussion on what were the relationships between living beings and machines like in the Mass Effect universe, possibly touching a little bit on the Leviathans.

    I think there should be an anime focused on...
    Blasto - The Hanar Spectre.
    Because come on - who WOULDN'T watch the crap out of that? It's got everything an anime needs - action, adventure, romance... tentacles.
    "This one has forgotten whether its heat sink is over capacity. It wonders whether the criminal scum considers itself fortunate."

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