Wonderful Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Courtesy Of Steam Workshop

Valve just recently moved Steam Workshop out of beta, and we're already seeing a ton of great mods ready for your clicking.

We've had access to mods before, that's nothing new. But Valve's Steam Workshop completely streamlines the process of adding them in, making the ability to have smarter AI, new weapons and newly skinned enemies an easier process than ever before. And databased, too!

So what's out there now, roughly four days after its official release? Here are a few that caught my eye.

Beautiful, changing skies


A Helm's Deep map


An Aperture space station map


Playing as friggin' velociraptors


A Crash Bandicoot map


Warrior Bug enemies


A super-sexy Coach in formal wear


Team Fortress 2's Scout as a Hunter


The Gabe Newell of Boomers


There are a heaps of other maps, skins for the four playable characters, skins for enemies, heck, skins for the defibrillator and ammo packs. There are weapons, from melee and assault rifles to machine guns and grenades. There are menu tweaks and UI changes. New soundtracks and sound effects. Just heaps of things you probably don't need, but, hey, you can download now.


    I played Helms Deep years ago, long before Steam Workshop.


    It's incredible.

      agreed, actually one of the best maps i've ever played in l4d

        Got some folks together to give it a few tries the other day. It's pretty tough. Best time we got was 16 minutes in.

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