Work For Nintendo And People Will Want To Marry You (Apparently!)

A new Japanese poll of 500 men and women between 20 and 39 years old revealed that the most desirable company a prospective partner could work for was Nintendo.

According to website Business Media, Japanese airline ANA came in at second place. Third was (very successful) scale maker Tanita, followed by Google and Apple.

Those polled put emphasis on things like job security and a good salary, which, I guess, factor in when deciding if you should spend the rest of your life with someone.

The business world is a fickle mistress, though. In last year's poll, Sony was number two, and this year, it tumbled down to #11. Panasonic was first, and this year, it came in at number forty. Sharp faired worst of all: It fell from number five to #125. Sure hope nobody got married last year only because their mate worked at Sharp. That would make for an awkward 2013.

どの企業の人と結婚したいですか? 大手電機メーカーは大幅にダウン [Business Media]


    So I guess Sakurai is like Japans most eligible bachelor or something

    I told that girl that I worked at Nintendo, at that moment she dropped to her knees and played with my Wii mote.

    Wasn't before long that she lied down and let my touch her pink DS. Long story short, we Gameboy'd all night until our batteries died.

    In case you're wondering if my pokeballs got an infection, don't worry I had a cover over the controller.

    To me, working at Nintendo would suggest someone is creative, fun-loving, with an open mind and an easy-going nature. Obviously this is a naive and ill-informed opinion, excuse me while I sit here with my rose-tinted glasses.

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