World's Largest Snowball Fight Saw Over 5000 People Engage In Combat

Last weekend, 5834 people convened in Seattle for the world's largest snowball fight. Set amongst a battlefield of 160,000 tonnes of snow, it doesn't look like any snowball fight I've ever been in. It looks like the beginning of Terminator 2. Only with less skulls.

World's Largest Snowball Fight - Contour Cameras - Snow Day [YouTube]


    I get that this is under the "in real life" tag... but what does this have to do with video games? I'm pretty sure snowball fights aren't considered real life video games when they were around BEFORE them.

      Maybe its a reference to the start of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

    Hehe. That looked absolutely awesome; had me grinning the whole way through :)

    *grumble* Stoopid Australian weather *grumble*

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