Yes, The Ouya Has No Problems Playing Super Mario 64, Sonic 4 And Street Fighter II

Yes, The Ouya Has No Problems Playing Super Mario 64, Sonic 4 And Street Fighter II

If the video of Roasty Rooster running on the Android-powered Ouya console got you excited in strange yet pleasant ways, then I can’t imagine what seeing Super Mario 64, Sonic 4 and Street Fighter II will do to your psyche. Good things, I hope.

Of course, Super Mario isn’t running natively, but on an emulator, but that only makes it more impressive, as emulation requires a decent amount of processing power, even for something as old as the Nintendo 64. Nothing a modern PC would have an issue with, but for a Rubik’s Cube-sized device with ultra-low-power components, it makes for great viewing.

While it’s yet to be seen how big a developer base will build around the Ouya, at least you’ll be able to use it as a super portable media centre and retro gaming device.


Sonic 4


Street Fighter II

OUYA gameplay videos start popping up [GameFans]


  • Is it known if you can plug an external hard drive into the Ouya and play MP3, photos, and mostly importantly, movies – DivX etc. If so, is there any limits to how many external hard drives you can plug in?

    Is it known what consoles the Ouya can effectlively emulate – Neo Geo? Can it handle MAME?

    If the Ouya is a good media device (plays various codecs from external hard drive with no issues) and plays old console games, then it has to be bought.

    • Yes a harddrive can be plugged in to it (as stated by the founder)

      It also comes preloaded with Plex and XBMC – which is by far the best option for media viewing. Oh, and I asked the Plex developers which version of Plex it will be – the Android version, or the 10ft UI GoogleTV version – and they told me it would be the 10ft UI version 😀

      I can’t wait until I get mine. My username is already locked in 😀

      • I’ve never heard of Plex or XBMC – I’ve just looked up Plex – so it’s a media player with a good user interface, and can play lots of codecs – so it’s the same as Media Player Classic but has the whole user interface thing bolted on?

        • Pretty much. The biggest benefit though is the metadata.
          For each movie or tv show you have it will get all descriptions, ep titles, actors, air dates, genres, covers, art etc etc.
          You can then search and sort based on these details too.
          Another feature I particularly like is it remembers watched/unwatched/half watched state (and time if half watched). Means you can stop watching a show and come back to it later and know exactly where you are. Great if you wanna transition from lounge to bed etc.
          The show recently aired tv shows is a good feature too, for watching the latest new tv shows (that you bought on DVD and ripped)…

          The only downside is you need a server program as well as a client program… which isn’t a big deal really.

        • They’re both similar to Media Center (the Windows thing). That is to say they’re nice fullscreen UI media players designed to be operated with a keyboard, remote control, or gamepad. Great for surfing through your collection from the couch. They tend to have a nice range of plugins as well for media cataloguing and streaming.

          • Oh cool. Sounds like my brothers netbook that he put iOS on and used the netbook as a media player catalogue. If the Ouya does this, and does it well, and costs not too much more than $99, I’ll be getting one – simply for being a low cost, small media player, and the games will be treated as a bonus.

  • Im going to play devils advocate here, and say this is my biggest problem with the console. Sure its impressive, but look how open source this is. There is nothing to protect license holders for their games to be played on this console. Mario 64, despite its age, is still sold by nintendo on their eshop service, and i believe sonic is on multiple platforms including 360 and PS3.
    I understand that its openness is the idea, but I’m just sitting back waiting for the potential law suites to happen.
    Great idea, love the size, love the power, but they need to secure it down.

    • Umm… how is this any different to Android phones? Or is your problem with the entire Android ecosystem?
      It’s no more a problem than it is with PC’s (which is to say – people will pirate, much like any other platform).

    • Open source OS is open source, they don’t have to do anything, they are not responsible for what software is used on the Android OS, the only ones in the potential firing line is Google as their PLay store is what has the emus on it. But it has already been played out that EMUs are totally legal.

  • I’m really not sold on this. Sure it seems cool and stuff but my Android phone can already play all these games, it fits in my pocket, has its own screen and has physical gaming controls (Xperia Play). I really have no compelling reason to get one of these.

    • Apples and oranges. The OUYA clearly isn’t trying to be a portable handheld gaming device. Likewise phones and tablets don’t pretend to be consoles.

    • I am not sold on the Ouya itself but I am praying for it to be a huge success. The gaming industry needs this, it is one of the only ways that console gaming will be able to evolve out side the big three environment.

  • I’ve been against this thing from the beginning, but now I’m seeing it in action I take back everything I said. If I can get an emulator for NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, N64, MAME, NeoGeo and run videos on it, it might be worth the investment

    • Yep, and even some of the Android games might be fun. The racing games will be, with a controller. Certainly some will be for the Mrs. She loves her Android and crappy facebook games.

      Does anyone know the release date and how they’re selling it? If it will be sold via Ouya only (sensible) or through the retailers so that we can have our heap of Australian tax added on.

  • If you want to emulate old games, just buy a wii and softmod it. Same price, better controls (I’m assuming based on the pics I’ve seen) and a stack of good original games.

    • instead of buying this legitimate product that has more applications than running old games, buy an old console and illegally modify it. good advice

  • If the Steam console comes to fruition I have no idea why anyone would want one of these. It would probably be able to emulate, as well as play modern games.

  • So essentially the potential of this device is in pirating classic games from everybody elses libraries? Yeah that’s great,

    • The potential of said pirated games to get official re releases with multiplayer and sold for a small fee. If the content owners dont jump on it its their fault. The device could be a massive cash cow if done right. They already have made their money on the old snes/genesis/neo/gba/ect titles. Any amount of coin coming through Ouya is pure profit.

      • Nintendo don’t license their games. Sega might, they already released em on PS3, X-Box, Wii/Wii U and PC via Steam.

        But your telling me I’m buying a Device to play games I can already play on a device I already own.

        • You don’t get it. The main point of this device is to get indie developers back into the console space, since there have been a lot of awesome indie pc games of late.

          The draw for developers is that it’s very cheap and accessible to develop on the ouya, versus the hoops that must be jumped and cost involved with developing for consoles.

          There have been some really impressive android games recently, and generally let down by their control options. Sure you can get a wireless controller for your phone or tablet, but the effort involved with defining keys etc generally is a pita. A small box where it’s controller’s keys are all standard with easy access to plug into a tv is a very compelling option to me.

        • I don’t think these demos are at all pointing towards getting people to buy the device to play pirated old games, theya re to show that the device has incredible power for its scale.

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