You Can Now Rent Ninja In Japan

Well, it's about friggin' time! Starting this month, a new service will deliver ninja on the time and to the place of your choosing. The name of this new service? Why, Ninja Delivery. So clever.

Don't expect these on-demand ninja to climb walls and assassinate enemies. But who cares when ninja are only a phone call away?

There are, of course, the historical ninja (the real ninja) and the ninja of popular imagination. This service caters to the latter.

Currently, there are only three types of ninja available for hire, reports IT Media. Prices depend on what you have in mind for these folks in black pyjamas.

Ninja Delivery makes it very clear that you cannot order ninja to commit criminal acts (larceny, destruction, or violence). Also, the service does not cover ninjutsu for hire. Instead, Ninja Delivery says things like corporate events or parties are more up its alley as well as surprises for children or a loved one. What better way to say I love you than with a ninja?

Don't think of this as only getting people in outfits and not deadly ninja. You are getting party ninja.

Ninja Delivery [Official Site via IT Media]

Picture: Attila JANDI/Shutterstock


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