You Can Play As Any Disney Character In The Ambitious Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity sounds like it's going to be the biggest thing Disney has ever done with games, and it's coming out this June.

At a press event in LA, Disney honchos are just pouring out details that matched pretty well with earlier leaks.

What is this thing?

It's going to be a massive series of interconnected games all based on Disney and Pixar movie universes, mixing and matching characters from all of them.

The plan is vast, with Disney Infinity games coming to mobile, online and presumably every console shown at the event — WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. The plan involves figures from each of the movie universes that will unlock games and characters (i.e. Skylanders, as predicted!).

Infinity will launch in June with "playsets" based on Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles.

One of the novelties is the "toybox", a version of the project that will let players mix and match characters, as if they're playing with these characters as toys in one place. That concept is designed to lead to all sorts of fun virtual-world what-ifs. Disney showed some examples:

John Pleasants, head of Disney Interactive, hyped this all as follows: "Disney Infinity is not just a single game. It is a platform that will grow and diversify and improve over time." And: "You can play with your favourite Disney characters without limits. All of these characters, together for the first time, ready to play."

The conference is ongoing. Since some will surely asked, no word on whether Marvel or Star Wars characters will be in this.

Update: The starter pack will come with the three figures below. There are two types of Portals of Power discs that characters can stand on to add them to games or the toybox. A developer from Avalanche Software, which is the main studio on this project, showed off an Incredibles-themed game. It's a third-person action game, as are the Monsters and Pirates-themed games.

It appears that in these movie-specific games, you'll only be able to use characters from that movie's world. The characters will interact with those of other movie worlds in the toybox mode.

All games in Infinity will be multiplayer.

Half of the Pirates game in Infinity is pirate-ship combat. (Huge naval combat. Take that, Assassin's Creed III!)

Here's a trailer:

The Toybox mode will include basic tutorial modes, adventure missions and a huge level-building mode that looks like it is taking aim at Minecraft. Developers working on the game already made a massive Starship Enterprise and another made the Bowser's Castle track from Mario Kart. There's even a "logic editor" which allows for rudimentary programming, which can allow players to create sidescroller games, top-down games... all sorts of things. They showed a Donkey Kong riff.

Infinity players will be able to upload their creations from the toybox mode and share them with other users, who can then download them.


    sort of a skylanders meets little big planet, but with all your favourite characters from your childhood.... i like it..

    Am I too old for this? I know I'm too old for skylanders.

      If you're too old for skylanders, when did your inner child die? They're FUN!

    To Infinity and beyond, eh?
    I am very excited about this.

    hopefully there is some awesome Tron stuff and im in!

    This could potentially be AWESOME!!! And I hope it is.

    If there is a Lion King level ala the old snes game or similar to wolfquest my life is over as we know it...

    I just want that little Jack Sparrow figure. That's all.

    So should this be called:

    Disney: Skylanders


    Skylanders: Disney

    I wonder if there'll be any Star Wars characters..

    I can't wait to play as Uncle Scrooge from DuckTales. Make it happen, Disney, and I will pour all of my cash into these precious toys.

      Related, fingers crossed for Darkwing Duck!

        In fact, bring along any of those 90s cartoons. Chip N' Dale, TaleSpin, Marsupalami, Goof Troop!

    no word on whether Marvel or Star Wars characters will be in this
    No-sa Ja-Ja no-sa meesa gonna buysa.
    But seriously those super deformed Marvel characters from Marvel Action Squad and clone-wars characters would fit right in, oh and maybe some of Sqaures Kingdom Hearts characters too.

    Stephen, I'd like to say fuck you for writing this entire article without mentioning the game that Disney is so shamelessly ripping off.

      The plan involves figures from each of the movie universes that will unlock games and characters (i.e. Skylanders, as predicted!).

    Need more Pokemon

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