You Can Probably Drive A Truck Over That Valve-Backed Gaming PC

The Wii U can't survive a microwave. The PlayStation Vita can survive a 1.2m drop. And I guess technically the Xbox 360 can run Crysis.

But forget all those old stress tests.

The new "development stage system optimised for computer gameplay on large high-definition television monitors" — which we just learned last night will be backed by Valve and may as well be thought of as Valve's first foray into living room gaming hardware — can most likely survive this:

That's right, the makers of Xi3 chassis, which houses the new Valve-backed device, say you can drive a truck over their modular PCs. They showed that last fall.

Go three minutes or so into this video to see it happen.

That video is from October, when Xi3Corporation was showing off the device and some of the models of their Xi3 computer. ($US500 for the entry one, no price given for their gaming one, which may have nothing to do with this new Valve-backed one, which is codenamed Piston).

Plenty may have changed since this October video was made, but hopefully the new Valve-backed Xi3 device is still truck-proof!


    finally!.. right?

      This will come in handy because I usually leave my PC out on the road!....

    I'd say if it can survive a truck driving over it, then it is over engineered and they should use cheaper materials and lower the price.

      Given the tiny size of the unit I doubt the premium case materials would add all that much to the cost. Plus over-engineered is one of my favourite things to have said about a product - too much shit these days is designed to fall apart after 12 months.

      Totally want. But also want to know what the hardware specs are..

      Last edited 09/01/13 11:04 am

      i'm no engineer so i could be completely off, but i have a hunch that its small size and contoured sides are a big factor in its strength, not just the materials

    It was just last week when I drove my truck over my pc for the third time. Now I can rest easy with this bad boy. But on a serious note I am always a fan of more durable hardware.

    Yeah but how often is that going to be an issue? More important is a drop test. Sharp impacts not strong compression.

    Yup, don't bother talking too much about the significance of a Valve-backed console, or write anything about it other than a copy-paste of a press release. But hey, I'd love to see if a truck could drive over it!

    crush resistance does not equal shock resistance

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