You May Spend $199 To Unlock Everything In Marvel Heroes Before The Game Even Launches

You May Spend $199 To Unlock Everything In Marvel Heroes Before The Game Even Launches

Marvel Heroes may be a free-to-play MMO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend money on it. In fact, Marvel and developer Gazillion Entertainment hope you probably will at some point. They’re giving a head start too, offering three “Founders Packs” that deliver a bunch of in-game content for free. One costs $US199.

The $US199 gives you everything the game has to offer right off the bat: all the heroes and all their costumes, plus $US50 in in-game currency, seven days of early access, four exclusive costumes and a couple of permanent in-game boosts. The official release date hasn’t been announced, but it’s due to launch sometime in the first half of the year.

For $US59.99, you get four heroes (the bundles are here), eight costumes, $US30 in in game currency, four days early access and some limited-use boosts. The $US19.99 starter pack will give you the choice of one hero, two costumes, and two days of early play. All of the details are here.


  • This is exactly why the concept of “free to play” is utter bullshit.

    I know, I know. You don’t have to pay, so it is free in theory. Don’t buy any “additional content”, however, and you’ll probably end up with a sub-par character, sub-par stats, sub-par weapons, a sub-par inventory, etc. Which in turn will most likely lead to a sub-par in-game experience and constant domination by those who do sink large sums of money into the so-called free product.

    • Except that’s not the case. All heroes are unlockable, and the vanity items are just that – for looks.

      Even if that’s not the case, how do you expect them to fund development, servers etc? With fairy dust? It’s a product. It has to be monetised. It is. You get the base product free. I still fail to see how people can be so against this.

      Keep in mind, I’m distinguishing from monetised F2P games, and Pay to Win games, where what you described goes on. But for the life of me, bar War Z (which actually made you pay for it), I can’t remember the last blatantly Pay2Win game.

      • I can’t remember the last blatantly Pay2Win game.

        Battlefield Play4Free.
        Rumble Fighter.
        Runes of Magic.
        Drakensang Online.
        Battlefield Heroes.
        Brawl Busters.
        Need for Speed World.
        Age of Empires Online.
        City of Heroes.

        …the list goes on and on and on… and on.

        • I don’t see how you can say City of Heroes was “Play to Win”. I had a sub to that game prior to it going F2P and then afterwards, never paid a dime for it. I had multiple max level characters with all the good enhancements.

          In fact, the only time I ever spent any money on that game after it went F2P was to buy some silly hats. I think it cost me 3 dollars.

        • I agree with yourname.
          Free to play worlds have free content and free content only.
          If a member comes from their world wielding members items, they are unusable and offer no stat bonuses whatsoever.

        • World of Tanks was notoriously ptw for a long time. It’s apparently been cleaned up quite a bit since the introduction of the British tanks, but the MASSIVE amounts of grinding as well as the ‘silver bullet’ tank ammunition you had to pay for is what killed it for me. Then there was the absolute arty-whoring.

          Star Trek Online’s become much the same, though ptw is less of an issue to the shyte products for sale. Massive price increases on bog-standard gear, limiting item drops to ‘encourage’ players to buy gear to help them complete storyling tasks (required if you don’t want to grind for many hours at a time on some stupid missions!), releasing the same boring starship designs for the different vastly different classes (so much for the right ship for the right role!) and charging something like $40 a piece for them! Screw that. It’s just an exercise in gouging the player for crap products. And I have no problem with spending money on content, but make the content appealing to justify the stupidly excessive prices for them!

  • When you compare it to the $25 mounts on the Blizzard store, it doesn’t seem so bad I guess. At the founding cost anyway =/

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