You'll Think This Portal Figure Came From The Dark, Distant Future

3D printers are not machine. They are portals to a realm of dark magic, where you can conjure anything you want, in return for a plastic sacrifice.

Take this, for example: this is not an expensive, professional action figure (though you'll soon be able to get one of those). It's something made by a human being — albeit a very talented one — and a 3D printer.

That human being is Psychobob, a user whose work we've featured here before. Actually, we've featured this Portal figure before as well, before it was finished, but now that it's done, complete with lighting effects and base, it's worth another look.

3D Print: Atlas (Portal) Part2 [PsychoBob, via MAKE]


    Well, depending on what type of 3D printer he used, it probably is an expensive figure, even if not professionally (ie mass) produced.

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