You’re Not The Only One Comparing Nvidia’s New Handheld To The N-Gage

You’re Not The Only One Comparing Nvidia’s New Handheld To The N-Gage

I don’t know about you, but my first thought upon seeing Nvidia’s new Shield handheld gaming console was as follows:

Plenty of other folks took the joke one step further, drawing quick comparisons to the failed Nokia N-Gage, the little portable video game system that couldn’t.

Of course, there are plenty of differences between the Shield and the N-Gage. The N-Gage ran its own games, and it was something of a piece of junk. The Shield has a big pre-existing library, appears to be at least mostly well-designed, and has built-in Steam functionality. Still, there must be a reason so many people jumped to make the comparison.

Will the Shield wind up being just another N-Gage? Or will its Steam integration and greater existing library make it something more? Mike’s put together a great round-up of the possible pros and cons of the system.

In the meantime, if you are jumping out there to make the N-Gage comparison, well, you’re not alone.


  • I don’t see… or get the comparison? Looks nothing like it, actually HAS potential and seems useful… O_o

    • I think it’s mostly the fact that it’s a handheld device that has come from nowhere and isn’t Sony or Nintendo based. Sad as it is I think it’s doomed to fail, as is any other Android based gaming dedicated platform, until Android gets some developers making big titles specifically for them. Look at the Vita. Powerful, capable, nifty device that is failing miserably because it just doesn’t have the support it needs.

      • That’s a little more clear and thought out, but I’d say most of the tweets were just people jumping on the catchcry bandwagon.

          • Well, with this I cannot argue 🙂 be interesting to see how many of them actually ever saw or used an Ngage? (I used the 2nd gen one, wasnt too shabby!)

  • Love how one person makes the connection of it looks like the N-Gage and then suddenly 100’s of people all tweet, looking at the Nvidia shield reminds me of the nokia N-Gage.

    • Monkey see, monkey do… yet when the N-Gage was actually out, no-one knew what it was or even heard of it! They were to busy with their 3310s 😉

  • Look I admit – the word N-Gage popped into my head when I first read about this yesterday (and I haven’t been on twitter to be influenced there) it just gave me a strong N-Gage vibe

  • I never got the N-Gage connection, that being said the N-Gage was a terrible console, you had to remove the battery to change games on 1st model and a terrible phone, follow this up with bad ports of crap PS1 games and generally terrible software and your not surprised the thing flopped. What do Mobile phone designers know about games? Did the N-Gage even come with Snake?

    Sony Xperia is designed by a company that has a gaming division, and from what I hear does both jobs well.

    nVidia do know a thing or two about chip design and about games, this thing may never take out number one spot but I see it have a respectable following. If Hawken and other Shield only titles are good and this thing is cheap it may be worth owning.

    • One thing I will say in defense of the N-Gage (not that I ever owned one) is that it was the first handheld gaming device to feature wireless multiplayer (again, not sure how well it actually worked as I never owned one).

  • At least the n-gage had phone functionality. If I could seperate the control and add a modem to the droid then I might be a little interested. As is I think I’ll just wait for tegra 4 to show up in other phones.

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