Zynga Elite Slots Now Ready With Its Colourful Spinning Reels

Mixing the addictive nature of the slot machine with the community spirit of a massively multiplayer fantasy game, Zynga Elite Slots is now live on Facebook. Does it live up to design director Josh Gause's vision of a collaborative community gaming experience?

I don't know. Not really understanding how today's advanced slot machines work, I bet all lines over and over again in the game's Enchanted Forest wheel for nearly a half hour before I ran out of in-game coin to continue. I started with 1000, now I have but a single coin. My daily allowance is still six hours away, and there is no way I am spending real money on fake money I'm just going to throw away anyway.

I can say that the chat box in every room I've been in has been incredibly quiet. I've tried saying encouraging things to my fellow players, but they seem to be too busy clicking to chat. Perhaps they just need more time to settle in. Or perhaps they'd just rather quietly gamble.

I'll give them six hours, and then check back in again.


    Single handedly turning Kotaku into an advertisement for Zynga and App-Crapp. Australia really needs Hyperactive 4.0!

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