15 Of The Most Beautiful Gifs You'll See On The Internet

Your experience with the animated .gif file probably extends little further than it does for most; a cat jumping here, a retro video game there. Maybe even some pop culture or sporting highlights.

All of those things have their place, but let's not forget you can also use the format to create something new. And beautiful.

Croatian artist Paolo Čerić looks at the limitations of the .gif, knows the two key components are a limited number of frames and an infinite loop, and does his best to build hypnotic, computer-generated images that are a world away from the stilted clips that make up 99% of the stuff you see on message boards.

Paolo was just one of the artists featured in the recent Moving the Still exhibition; you can see more entries here.

Paolo Čerić [Tumblr, via Fast Company]


    Cue the chorus of people bitching at Plunkett because this has nothing to do with video games. . .

      To be fair this really has fuck all to do with anything let alone video games

        Yeah and they aren't even the 15 of the most beautiful .gifs on the net either :(

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