38 Studios' Unfinished MMO 'Was Going To Raise The Bar'

Thing I didn't expect to learn at Toy Fair: the guy who created Spawn loves crazy video game rabbits. Specifically, Todd McFarlane loves the titular characters from Ubisoft's wacky Rabbids franchise and thinks that that they're going to be a huge pop culture phenomenon.

I talked to McFarlane earlier this week at Toy Fair and he explained why he's adding the kid-friendly Rabbids to his adult-aimed collectibles line. He also makes it sound like Project Copernicus — the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO that bit the dust when Curt Schilling's video game dev studio crumbled last year — was close to being done. Watch the whole thing to hear how McFarlane landed the Assassin's Creed licence and what it's going to take to get Spawn back to video games.


    I'd be more inclined to think that Toddy loves the marketing opprotunity rather than the rabbits themselves.

    Playing through Reckoning at the moment - love the art style. Very evocative environments. Fantastic combat, as many would know, too.

      I agree that Reckoning had some pretty good art direction but the impression I got from it was that it was slick and contemporary, not necessarily unique. I don't mean to imply that this is bad - it's not, it's just that it's not anything that bowls you over. It is however, extremely professional and well done.

      Hope that makes sense!

    I'm almost positive this exact post has been made before.

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