A Blurry Tease For What Might Be Just Cause 3

Avalanche, the Swedish team behind the Just Cause series, are currently working on three games. Two are licensed properties, while the other, codenamed "Project Mamba", is likely to be a new Just Cause game.

Especially when you look at this blurry screenshot posted by studio founder Christofer Sundberg. While the outfit and setting could be anything from Indiana Jones to Mars, take a look at the character's left hand. Yup. Sure looks like Just Cause's famous grappling hook to me.

The first two Just Cause games were set in lush tropical locations. Maybe a move to somewhere a little more arid is on the cards? Then again, if as seems possible this game is for next-gen systems, there's nothing stopping a third Just Cause game to take place somewhere so vast it can have forests, deserts and everything in between. Especially since Just Cause 2 sort of tried that already.

Christofer Sundberg [Twitter]


    WOOHOO!!! I absolutely loved Just Cause 2, and the idea of a Just Cause 3 on next-gen consoles has my extremities tingling in excitement!

    Lets just hope they include the multiplayer this time ;)

      If you have it on PC, there is a multiplayer mod that is incredibly insane. There was over 500 people on 1 server in the one map on the weekend.

        I am well aware of the JC2 Multiplayer mod and have been on every test so far ;)

    Looks more like Road Rash than JC3. Either way, I couldn't be happier!

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