A Dance Party Is Just A Button Away In Crysis 3

Remember the dancing CELL soldiers from Crysis 2? No? Well, either way, the easter egg is back in Crysis 3 — all you have to do is press a certain button while in a certain menu. Check out this video by Game Front to see what I mean.

Also visible: frogs and robots. And, sure, Prophet himself (but that's not as interesting!)


    I like how this article is not about a misogynist conspiracy within videogame culture.

    Last edited 22/02/13 6:33 pm

      female chauvenism is just as bad, if not worse than male chauvenism. patricia, even though it was an insifnificant post, it was still enjoyable. please, more articles that have less to do with your personal opinion about the difference between female and male gamers.

        And if there's anyone who doesn't know the difference, Kindergarten Cop has a very educational scene that spells it out for you.

      Listen, I'm still angry okay, because there was not one single woman in that Crysis clip. I mean they had a bunch of aliens, robot and frogs but no women?? Madness! What, couldn't just one of those dancing dudes been female?? #TheRealCrysis

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