A Game Where You Have To Talk Characters Out Of Committing Suicide

A Game Where You Have To Talk Characters Out Of Committing Suicide
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What if someone on the verge of suicide came to you, and you had to talk them out of it? Could you do it? That’s what Inner Vision, a choice driven narrative game, gives you as a challenge.

There are three characters, each with a different set of problems. Someone is wrestling with their sexuality and acceptance. Another feels they are a failure. The last character has a drug addiction.

You interact with each person, and while you chat, you have two chances to mess the conversation up. Two mistakes and that’s it, game over. They move forward with their plans of suicide.

It seems strange to have such a touchy subject be posed to you as a puzzle to solve: say the right thing and you can save them — but still, it is a role some people are familiar with. Sometimes a person needs someone to talk to, and sometimes the stakes of those conversations are high.

While playing I think the game acknowledges the weirdness a bit though — there’s a fourth person that appears between the suicidal characters, who comments on your progress through the game. Cynically, at one point, he says your job was to prevent suicide — not to care for the characters. At another point, he asks you if you’re having fun.

I wouldn’t describe the game as fun, but it’s certainly interesting. “I created it for myself to express some dying thoughts I’ve had for the past several months,” the developer, Sunil Rao, wrote on his blog.

You can play the game here.


  • Mass Effect 1 spoilers

    I loved the colonist sidequest on the Citadel where you had to help that woman. Really tense stuff. Really would’ve liked more of that background specific stuff in the ME sequels.

  • I would love to play this

    Yet, I am at working

    And a constant *click click* does not constitute the sound of working sadly 🙁

  • As someone who has personally helped someone overcumb suicide, I find this disgusting and paints the wrong picture, as if suicide was a game…

    • “As a member of the armed forces I find military games disgusting and that they paint the wrong picture; as if war and murder were games….”

      You can apply that to almost anything, should “serious” issues not be mentioned, poked at or prodded in any form of media?

    • I don’t think it picture suicide or not suicide as being a game. I think it pictures some ideas of the creator, such as that talk to other people can really help, that some people just can’t see someone’s point of view, or even listen to their problems. There are other games that treat about suicide with choices, and they are just points of view, not meant to be played thinking about winning but, instead, thinking about what would express yourself more, in the game.

    • On the guy’s blog it states that the game is based on his own personal experiences and thoughts on the subject, so I’m guessing at one stage he himself was suicidal or someone close to him was. This game is probably just his way of working through his own feelings about the subject, so it’s not really something that is “disgusting” or “paints the wrong picture” of suicide. It certainly didn’t seem like the kind of thing where he just made it for the heck of it, or to try to freak people out.
      I thought it was handled well, and even though the characters didn’t go into too much detail, they seemed to have very human feelings and worries. I suggest you have a look at it, and maybe read his blog.

    • There is a game about heart surgery. I find this disgusting and paints the wrong picture, as if heart surgery was a game…

      Etc. You get the point.

  • This game was too easy. That last guy didn’t sound convinced at all, and I found my own arguments lacking.
    … Or does that say something about me?

  • I find this in poor taste, but have no problem with murdering countless NPC’s throughout the course of my life. At least im fully aware that im a hypocrite i guess…

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