A Gaming Room For Which The Word "Room" Doesn't Really Do It Justice


    The room of my dreams.

    Love the Powerglove just hanging in the cupboard. "Someone, please, love me!!"

    Christ... outstanding! I love that you could fit that most of that first photo on a single dvd these days. :p

    Wife, your argument is invalid, I'm having this.

    How do you find the time to play so many games?
    I mean I assume he works because that would cost a lot.

    And to think I have enough trouble picking a game to play..................

      So you feel like playing a game, but you don't know what, so you sit there and stare at them until one subconsciously appeals to you? Because that's what I do. Sometimes, if I really don't know, I'll start playing something, and suddenly drop it and start another game when I finally realise what it is I wanted to play.

    That dude is totally playing powerstone on the dreamcast, that game was so damn fun!

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